George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa Snowden, speaks up.


Lisa Snowden, a winner of Britain’s Next Top Model, revealed that being George Clooney’s ex girlfriend had pitfalls. She has not been able to get a date since George Clooney broke up with her a year ago.

Men were intimidated by the fact that Lisa Snowden was once George Clooney’s girlfriend and they had the impression they could not match up to one of the world’s sexiest men in showbiz.

Lisa Snowden said she had been celibate for the past year. People used to think that dating George Clooney furthered Lisa’s career but she revealed it had the opposite effect. Potential employers thought she would not need to work again so there were no offers forthcoming for work.

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  2. She split up with George 3 years ago, she's been celibate for 1 year what happened in the other 2 years including when she was re-dating Gary Dourdan. Maybe it's just her!


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