French Swimmer Laure Manaudou’s Naked Pictures


Laure Manaudou, referred to as the “French Mermaid” is trying to put her raunchy photo scandal behind her as she competes in the Olympics. Internet searches of Laure Manaudou come up as “Laure Manaudou naked photos” or “Manaudou naked”, instead of Manaudou’s swimming career.

Laure Manaudou, sometimes mistakenly called Laura Manaudou, tries to retain her dignity as she competes in the Olympics despite her raunchy nude photos and sex tape scandal. Manaudou’s naked photos showed up all over the internet when an ex-boyfriend, Luca Marin, posted 20 naked photos and a Manaudou sex tape. There is a link to Laure Manaudou’s naked photos at the end of this post. NSFW for sure!

Four years ago, Manaudou won a gold medal and became a heroine in France, for being the first French swimmer to win a gold medal since 1952.

But two years ago, Laure Manaudou fell in love with Italian swimmer Luca Marin. In 2007, Manaudou made the announcement she would be leaving her French coach and was eloping to Italy to be with her boyfriend, and to train at the Turin club.

“Between Italy and France,” she said, “I have chosen Luca Marin, the love of my life. I want to live with him and have a baby.”

But things didn’t turn out well, the Turin club sent Manaudou packing, saying she was lazy. And her relationship with boyfriend, Marin, took a turn for the worse. The couple had an argument and Laure Manaudou threw the ring Marin had given her into the pool.

Within hours of the break-up, Manaudou’s nude pictures and sex video showed up on the internet. Of course Marin denied putting the sexy photos up, but sounds like something a scorned lover would do! Doesn’t it?

An interesting twist, Marin began a relationship with Federica Pelligrini, who won a medal in the 400m free, which will put Pelligrini and Manaudou head to head against one another. But Manaudou is gracious and stated, “The woman to beat, the woman to follow is Federica,” says a gracious Manaudou.

After Manaudou’s nude photo scandal and sex tape becoming public, you would think France would have been angry at the negative publicity. But France has stood behind Manaudou’s and in Beijing, China, Manaudou’s has a good state of mind after her negative experiences.

Laure Manaudou stated, “Anything I achieve here is a bonus,” Manaudou said last week. “If it goes well, great. If it doesn’t go well, it’s not the end of the world. I’m not going to die as a result.”

Manaudou, Olympic French swimmer is competing in four events in Beijing including the 400M freestyle, 100M and 200M backstroke and 4 x 100M Medley.

Here are Laure Manaudou’s naked pictures, NSFW! Click here.

Laure Manaudou’s sex tape video, click here.

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