Eva Longoria Pregnant? (Photos)


Is Eva Longoria pregnant? The actress revealed a bump while filming Desperate Housewives in Hollywood on Wednesday, so is the “baby bump” just padding?   Or is Eva Longoria expecting with hubby Tony Parker?

Longoria’s character Gabrielle promises to be much less glamorous in the next series, she appears more as a “dowdy” housewife.

But Eva Longoria sure looks like she has a baby bump in the photos above. Could Eva be pregnant?

The 33-year-old Longoria has stated she and her husband, Tony Parker, would love to have a baby!

Eva Longoria is normally very thin, but blames not working and eating a lot more for the weight gain. But could she be eating for two?

In recent months, Eva and Tony have repeatedly denied rumours the actress is pregnant.

Last month, Eva wore a tiny orange bikini while vacationing with her husband for their one year anniversary. She looked great, but you could definitely see the weight gain.

Longoria and Parker, who wed in Paris on 7 July 2007, were celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a cruise.

It would make sense for Eva’s character to be pregnant on the show “Desperate Housewives”, but do you think Eva is expecting in real life as well?

Images: WENN

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