Eva Longoria Definitely Pregnant (Photos)


Eva Longoria just has to be pregnant! These new photos of Eva Longoria and hubby Tony Parker dining at their restaurant, Besos, really fuels the rumors that Eva is “with child”. Check out Eva’s baby bump!

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Eva Longoria is pregnant! Pictures don’t lie! Eva has been looking more like a frumpy “soccer mom” lately, and now the reason has become clear!

Unless Eva just chowed down on tons of tacos and enchiladas at Beso’s, that has to be a baby bump!

Longoria has made no secret of her wish to have a baby with husband Tony Parker. But it looks like Eva is well on her way!

Eva Longoria, actress from “The Desperate Housewives”, married French basketball star Tony Parker last year in 2007.

It seems Eva has had to shoot down pregnancy rumors since their marriage, but this time the pregnancy is real! The normally slim and trim Longoria is sporting a double chin and definite baby bump!

The creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, recently told the press that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were “desperately trying to get pregnant”.

And although Longoria’s baby bump certainly speaks for itself, Eva has said before she would try and keep her pregnancy a secret. Eva admitted, “I agree with Jennifer Lopez. Somebody asked her, ‘Why did you hide your pregnancy for so long?’ She said, ‘I didn’t hide it from the people who needed to know.'”

Eva Longoria had recently addressed pregnancy rumors, stating that she had just been eating a lot more while she was not working. But that wouldn’t explain why she has been spotted with the new easy-care hairdo and no make-up recently. That is just very unlike the Eva Longoria the public has seen before, normally much more glamorous.

Even though Eva may not be ready to go public with her pregnancy news, congrats to Eva and Tony!

You can see video of pregnant Eva Longoria leaving Beso last night:

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