Elton John and David Furnish holiday in St. Tropez.


Sir Elton John has been spotted in St. Tropez. He was having his holiday with his partner, David Furnish.

David Furnish, 45, is a Canadian film maker. He has been on vacation in the French Riveria since July, while Elton John was busy with his gig in Las Vegas. Elton had a resident act in the Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace, since 2004. He will start his Canadian tour in Calgary, Alberta on Sept. 12.

Elton John was dressed flamboyantly even while on holiday. He wore multi-colored polka dotted pants, pink sneakers and a large silver pendant. In contrast, his partner David wore attire that was typical of the usual tourist. David wore shorts and a Tee.

The celebrity couple had a large entourage of friends sharing their holiday.

Source: News

Pics: WENN


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