Design Star Winner: Who Won Design Star 2008? Read Here!


Who won the HGTV Design Star? Was it Matt Locke or Jennifer Bertrand? The competition is over and votes counted. And the winner is…

Design Star 3 of HGTV, season finale, host Clive Pearse announced that Jennifer Bertrand was the winner of the viewer vote. As the winner, Jennifer received a contract for her very own show on HGTV, which will premiere in January, 2009.

Jennifer Bertrand is a thirty-two year old artist and designer from Olathe, Kansas. Before competing on HGTV Design Star, Jennifer was the interior director/owner of Bertrand Designs. She has a master’s degree in teaching and leadership from University of Kansas.

Jennifer Bertrand was selected over fellow designer Matt Locke. Before the winner was revealed, HGTV Design Star 2 winner Kim Myles presented both Jennifer and Matt with seven day Caribbean cruises for two on Princess Cruises. Host Clive Pearse also presented both Jennifer and Matt with a five thousand dollar gift card from Bank Of America.

Congratulations to Jennifer Bertrand!

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