David Archuleta “Crush”: American Idol 7 Runner Up Debuts Single


David Archuleta “Crush” single was debuted today on NYC’s Elvis Duran & the Z100 Morning Show on Friday.

David Archuleta just released his latest single “Crush.” David Archuleta was the runner-up for the seventh season of American Idol.

David Archuleta received 44% of over 97 million votes from American Idol viewers, but that wasn’t enough to secure the win. David Cook overtook the most votes to win American Idol 7th Season.

David Archuleta has a huge fan base anxiously awaiting his new album. “Crush” is his newest single.

This little cutie has a really nice voice, what do you guys think?

Take a listen to David Archuleta Crush here:


  1. Archie hit it outta the park!!!!! Believe me when I say there were tons of us Archies up all night (and still up) – chatrooms blazing across the US , from Guam, Singapore, Japan, Canada, the Phillipines, India in nervous anticipation of this debut – and we all feel Jive has done our “Crown Prince” proud…. this is the beauty of him being 17 years old – the tiger is yet to be fully unleashed, and this debut goes a LONG way in silencing the critics and detractors who wrote him of as being unable to appeal to a “mainstream” pop audience…. BRAVO DAVID….

  2. I have been waiting for this song since about January when I knew that David Archuleta was my new favorite voice. All I can say is "YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"! Love, love, love the new song! It so fits David's voice and wonderful personality. It has only been out since this morning but I am humming it all ready. Love David's voice, love his personality and genuineness. He is unique in his personal qualities and I hope he will always keep a little bit of his inocence.

    Rooting for you David. Fabulous song!!!!


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