Christina Applegate Double Mastectomy (Photos)


A double mastectomy for Christina Applegate?   The National Enquirer is reporting Christina Applegate, recently diagnosed with breast cancer had both breasts removed surgically. Turns out it’s true!

Did Christina Applegate have a double mastectomy? Well, the National Enquirer is reporting she did! And while they are not the most reputable news agency, they have been “right on” with recent reports.

Christina Applegate did have a double mastectomy to remove both breasts. Applegate declares that she has won her brief battle with breast cancer, but that she had to make the dramatic decision to have both of her breasts removed to increase the chances that it would not return.
“My decision after looking at all the treatment plans that were possibilities for me, the only one that seemed the most logical, and the one that was going to work for me, was to have a bilateral mastectomy,” she tells  Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America”.

She says she decided to make that decision to increase her chances that the cancer would not return. “I didn’t want to go back to the doctors every four months,” she says. “I wanted to be rid of it. For me this was the choice I made and it was a tough one.”

Although she knows she made the right decision, she still finds her self breaking down at times.

“Sometimes I cry and sometimes I scream and I get really angry,” she says. “It’s all a part of healing and anyone who’s going through out there, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to fall on the ground and just scream if you want to.”

The Enquirer stated:

“The operation was the ultimate preventive measure. Christina will be undergoing a course of chemotherapy, which is often a follow-up procedure to the mastectomy operation,” the tabloid writes in its August 18 edition.

A represenative for Christina Applegte, theSamantha Who? star, confirmed over the weekend the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer, following a recent MRI, but the Enquirer insists Christina made the drastic decision to have both breasts removed before trying any other method of treatment because she carries a hereditary cancer gene.

Christina’s own mother, actress Nancy Priddy, is a two-time breast cancer survivor. She underwent a double mastectomy in 1977.

While it seems a bit drastic in our opinion to have your breasts removed, breast cancer is scary as hell, so if it comes down to your boobs or your life….

The Enquirer reported:

“Her doctors were taking no chances that the cancer could spread to the other breast even if only one breast was initially involved in the diagnosis,” says a source close to the 36-year-old.

“Doctors are fairly confident that they got all the cancer because they caught it early”¦.After the operations, Christina reminded herself that her mom is the classic example of a courageous cancer survivor..Christina is a real fighter and in good spirits.”

We wish Christina Applegate all the best in her breast cancer treatment!

So you think the actress had a double mastectomy as a preventative measure?

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