Chase Hawk: X Games BMX Qualifier Photos & Video


Chase Hawk is a qualifier in the Superpark X Games BMX. The top qualifier was Daniel Dhers.

The format for the Superpark elimination round went as follows:

Five riders rode in a jam format for a total of 12 minutes. Each rider went in a set order for a maximum of thirty seconds at a time. If the rider crashed, that was the end of their turn. The judges scored each visit to the ramp and the top three scores from all of their visits to the ramp were added to come up with their final score. The riders with the top ten total scores at the end of the 20 riders’ runs move on to the finals.

Qualifying second behind Daniel Dhers was Gary Young who, as expected, rode really fast and had some good transfer lines. Chase Hawk, Alistair Whitton, Rob Darden, and Morgan Wade also qualified by using good transfer lines while flowing around the bowls. Mike Spinner missed qualifying by two spots even though he did 540 variations, a triple whip over the hip, and an 810 over the hip.

Here’s video of Chase Hawk doing his thing:



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