Brooke Hogan “Drama Queen” (Photos)


    Brooke Hogan is a bit of a “drama queen” but we still enjoy her antics. This morning Brooke Hogan posted some fake “mugshot” photos on her Myspace, with captions including “I’d rather be with my brother” and “Thank you for letting me be myself”, but written as if a child wrote them.

    Brooke Hogan needs some attention you guys! Brooke posted on her Myspace some strange fake “mug shot” photos today. She wanted a little attention and definitely got it!

    Brooke says on one sign that she wants to be with her brother. Personally I don’t think Brooke could hang one second in jail. But it is sad about Nick, and even sadder for the guy in the accident that is a “vegetable”.

    Now, we’re not hating on Brooke. Actually her reality show, “Brooke Knows Best” is interesting. And Brooke seems like a nice person.

    But Brooke is an “attention whore” nonetheless, and wasn’t happy when gossip sites began posting her strange mugshot pics. Brooke posted this on her Myspace:

    “It’s so funny that the smallest thing I do can jack up everyones day…LOL sorry I ruined your little gossip world today people………or did I give you something else interesting to cling to for your boring worlds? 🙂 Stay tuned! I might go shave my eyebrows tomorrow! Lets see what other fun things I can think of…um…. don’t you have a life to live? I know I do! Peace!
    Love Always, Brooke”

    Hey, wouldn’t that be cool if Brooke did shave her eyebrows, guess we’ll have to keep posted?

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