Bristol Palin Pregnancy: Is VP Sarah Palin’s 5th Child Really Her Daughters? (Photos)


Whoah! The Sarah Palin pregnancy scandal is getting lots of interest. Sources are saying that Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin,16, became pregnant, and that Sarah Palin pretended the baby was her own! This would have been her “fifth child” that has Down’s Syndrome. Is Sarah Palin Trig’s mother or grandmother? And did Sarah Palin really fake her pregnancy or is this just a rumor? Update! Palin announces Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant. See new post here.

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Update! Palin announces Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant. See new post here.

Yep! While uncertain who little Trig Palin actually belongs to… Sarah or Bristol… we now have confirmation that Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant currently. Bristol is keeping her baby and plans to marry the father.

Previous story:

Now being upfront, we have no idea if this story is true but sources say it’s correct. But Media Takeout is reporting that McCain’s vice-presidential pick, Sarah Palin, is said to have pretended her fifth child, Trig Palin, was hers… when actually the baby belonged to her 16 year-old daughter, Bristol Palin. So did Sarah Palin actually fake her pregnancy?

This pregnancy scandal is hitting the internet, and supposedly people “in the know” from Alaska are stating it is true, and that Sarah Palin hid her daughter’s pregnancy. And that the child, Trig Palin, might actually belong to her daughter, Bristol.

But could this just be a smear campaign? Not sure how you readers feel but it actually makes me think more of Sarah Palin actually, trying to protect her daughter and the child, Trig Palin.

Knowing Palin’s anti-abortion, does make the rumors make more sense though. She certainly could have faked her pregnancy and covered for her teenage daughter Bristol!

Here is an excerpt taken from the blog The Moderate VPoice):

[Governor Palin’s] oldest girl is rumored to have actually been the one who had the last baby, the one with Down’s Syndrome. She was taken out of school the last 4 or 5 months of her mother’s pregnancy.

On March 5th, 2008 Alaska’s Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

Palin’s daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months.

If you look in the main photo, Bristol Palin does appear to be pregnant, while Sarah Palin, does not look pregnant at all!

Some people have said at 7 months pregnant supposedly, Sarah didn’t look pregnant. Now if this would have been her first baby, you could think maybe she just wasn’t showing yet. But as you have more children, you actually show more quickly.

Here’s a photo taken when Sarah Palin would have been nearly 7 months pregnant. Does she look even the slightest bit pregnant to you?

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And further fueling these rumors, the Alaska Department of State has now taken down all the photos of Sarah Palin and her family from their website. Hmm… that does seem a bit strange doesn’t it?

Here’s a photo below of Bristol Palin wearing what appears to be a wedding ring and holding Baby Trig. One reader pointed out, why wouldn’t the father have been holding the baby? Interesting points!

If these Palin fake pregnancy rumors are true, it will slowly come out in the coming weeks.

As to whether or not this is true, remember this is a gossip site but we always attempt to report accurately. The facts we know are that Bristol Palin was home for 4-5 months with mononucleosis. That’s odd in itself. Sarah Palin announced her pregnancy at 7 months. Strange and why wasn’t she showing. Lots of women that are slender and fit still show, almost being more evident in the belly with their smaller size. Interesting to see how this all turns out.

In Sarah Palin’s defense here, if she did pretend the baby was hers, is it just a mother protecting her young daughter, and doing the right thing?

Well now with the new revelation of Bristol Palin, 17, being “5 months pregnant”, it is possible for Trig Palin to still be Bristol’s. Trig Palin was born on April 18, 2008. Bristol could have gotten pregnant right after giving birth. And honestly who is to say if Bristol is really 5 months. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore. But it just keeps getting more interesting!

What do you guys think of this Palin pregnancy scandal? Do you think it’s true? And if it is true, does it make you think more or less of Sarah Palin if she “faked” her pregnancy to protect her daughter Bristol and baby Trig?

Here is a video taken when Sarah Palin, if actually pregnant, would have been 7 months:

Images: PR

Source: news


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  2. Bristol Palin is a slut. If she was truly a conservative christain she would keep her legs closed especially at 17. Sarah Palin is to blame she let Bristol boyfriend live with them. Would you really want someone who dont care about their kids running our country? I dont

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  4. Who the h cares at this point? The whole sorry Palin bunch is back in Alaska. What a relief. Everything about this person offended me, from her D-student English skills, to her hokey accents, to her knocked-up-teenager-family-values. She was like a really pretty package wrapped in shiny paper and a huge bow–with nothing of substance in it.

    McCain lost the vote of EVERY republican I know here because they were horrified at Palin's obvious lack of intellectual depth. The woman radiated mediocrity.

    One thing is for sure: nothing is as fascinating as watching someone who is light years out of their league and lacks the self-awareness to realize it. If Palin tries to get the GOP nomination in 2012, it will be like a comedy variety show 24/7.

  5. Sarah Palin herself announced that her daughter is pregnant, so according to her, IT IS OKAY to bring your family/kids into the political arena. She says it’s okay, so fair game (no Obama teen pregnancies have been reported as of yet, btw, lol).
    Okay –
    This current five (now seven?) month pregnancy DOES NOT PROVE anything. It only SAYS something. People can say all they want, but only a few things have been proven.
    There is NO PROOF that Bristol is pregnant now, and there is NO PROOF that Trig has Down’s Syndrome.
    Pictures prove NOTHING. Dates can be changed and bumps can be faked. The most profound pictures on this subject are the photos on Mercedes’ (Bristolbabydaddy’s sister) MySpace page. Not sure why Sarah Palin would pose proudly (and look so great post-partum) with her daughter’s boyfriend’s sister holding her baby.
    Maybe Bristol’s boyfriend’s sister just really likes babies – and calls Sarah Palin mom-in-law in advance of Bristol’s “baby” so she can get used to it.
    The best PROOF Palin could offer to dispel this rumour is to have it verified by a doctor. Doctors can’t lie. They can say nothing, or they can verify truths, but Hippocratic Oath says they can’t lie. Better to say nothing. We know that there have been no doctor who has said “Trig Von Paxton Palin is Sarah Palin’s biological son and I witnessed the birth, and these rumours are ridiculous”. If there was a legal adoption, they can say Trig is Sarah’s son. But no doctor has said Trig is Sarah’s biological son, and this would have been the easiest way to put this rumour to rest with honesty and integrity.
    Palin is saying she is above this, but we have PROOF that she is not above publicly exposing her daughter with an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. At the least, she has no integrity, or respect for the privacy of her teen daughter (but wants everyone else to respect her daughter’s privacy…? Huh?).
    We have NO PROOF that Bristol had mono (but we have proof on public record that she was out of school and that she had three traffic violations during that time).
    The pic that shows Bristol with a bump proves nothing – looks like normal teenaged-girl belly to me. And a teenager is not likely to announce a pregnancy until she starts to show. If her mother is a firm family values, no sex before marriage, abstinence-only mother, we have PROOF of two things:
    1) teaching abstinence doesn’t work for her family
    2) teaching abstinence doesn’t work at all!

    Sarah Palin could have dispelled this rumour very easily. Instead, she chose to make her daughter a scapegoat for several reasons. It protects her ‘family values’ stance on abortion, it projects her image as a an honest woman, it projects her image as not being a secretive grandmother but an openly supportive grandmother-to-be, and she still appears to dispel the rumour by speaking out about something that a woman with her value system would normally be ashamed of. So she appears even more humble and honest.
    But – she has offered NO PROOF.

    For those of you who say she shouldn’t need to, ask yourself why she announced Bristol’s pregnancy. She didn’t need to do that, either. If she doesn’t need to prove the rumours are just rumours, why would she announce Bristol’s pregnancy?
    That’s all she was doing – “proving” the rumours were just rumours! And offering no proof, but another rumour – that people will accept as proof because it comes from “the source”. Only that source is the one who the previous rumour was about!
    The only reason she did it was to protect herself, and she used simple math, because nobody can argue with that. She could have given us proof. She gave us another bit of information that can’t be proven, but gives the impression that it does because it’s so simple.
    Five month pregnancy – four month old Trig.
    Rumours cancelled with the simple “truth” of math! If anyone argues with that, they’re stupid! HOWEVER – this is only the equation they’re giving us – still there is NO PROOF!
    When Bristol “miscarries”, we’ll have no proof unless a doctor verifies it.
    When Bristol has a baby, that will be hard to fake.

    This rumour started with ALASKAN TEENAGERS before it hit the internet. The day after the rumour started, Palin issued a statement (dispelling rumours).
    Let’s digress: Madonna’s divorce rumours started months ago, and what did her PR do? Denied by issuing a statement (dispelling rumours) and then the couple was appearing publicly (“proof”).
    Now they’re divorcing, right? So the rumours were true. Everything they said was a lie, and the pictures were “faked”.
    And, it’s their business, because there’s no shame (for them) in divorce, they aren’t forcing other people to divorce, they have never said they don’t believe in divorce, and they aren’t trying to have any laws passed that say divorce is mandatory.

    THIS is why this is your business. Madonna isn’t trying to run any countries or change any laws based on her point of view. Madonna’s divorce is inconsequential to anyone but her and her family. Nobody should give a shit!
    But Sarah Palin lying about her daughter’s pregnancy, or using her daughter’s pregnancy to cover something up, is something her state and her country should know about. Why? Bill Clinton couldn’t keep his dick in his pants so he was impeached. Public political figures are chosen for the strength of their character and for upholding a moral view that represents the views of the majority of the American people.
    Sarah Palin has either exercised very poor judgment in her own birth of Trig by all the behaviour she admitted she exhibited during labour, like giving a speech, travelling for hours on planes with broken water without telling flight staff she was pregnant, and going to an ill-equipped hospital…
    or she’s just a “trooper”.
    Or, Bristol is Trig’s mother and she may or may not be pregnant again now.

    Either way is proof that Sarah Palin is a shitty mom and probably would make a shitty (Vice) President… and an even worse President.
    I hope the proof outweighs the rumours well before 2012. And I should add that if Trig is Bristol’s son, they should be left alone – it’s Sarah who can be dragged through the mud for this. I doubt it was Bristol’s idea to try and hide her pregnancy, or tell the world.
    Sarah used Bristol either way, that is clear.

  6. I think this is all crap! Leave Sarah Palin and her family alone. I believe that Trig is Sarah's son, women do have babies late in life, so what, why is this so hard for everyone to believe?! Her family and babies have nothing to do with whether she is right to be VP or not. Quit with the gossip already!

  7. Any woman with the slightest bit of intelligence would realize that it's an absolute embarrassment that Sarah Palin could possibly be in the position as one of the most powerful political figures.

    She needs to go back to what she does best, attend a fundamentalist cult of a church, making babies and killing moose.

  8. I can’t believe that this story has disappeared from the media, and I can’t believe that the Palins have gotten away with this! Why hasn’t Sarah been pressured to supply actual verifiable evidence on this? The one and only “evidence” that the Palin campaign has offered is the *unverified* length of Bristol’s pregnancy – that doesn’t do it for me! There are too many questions that Sarah is not being pressured to answer!

  9. i lived in a very isolated state very similar to alaska, these things are not uncommon, where a teen is pregnant, gives birth and the gramdma says she's the mother and the child may be raised like this.

    I taught health in a junior/senior high school in this very isolated area and i had students privately share same type of stories.

    i agree with everything in the last comment this woman is very, very, good at covering up and lying….i haven't seen too many photos with the older children together at home with mom and dad, something isn't right

  10. During prior prenancies, Palin gained a substantial amount of weight and it was extremely obvious that she was pregmant. Why is this pregnancy any different. With every pregnancy, a woman tends to show earlier along. We all know that. And have you heard of a mom of 4 having an extended 24 hours of labor? No, thats because the baby is Trigs son.

    Re: Suspicions regarding who is Trig Palins Mom—-This web site is a good start ;

    We have been told that Bristol is 5 months pregnant, so she can’t be the mother. However, we really don’t know if Bristol is 3, 4 or 5 months pregnant. A woman can get pregnant if they have unprotected sex after delivery. April to Sept is 5 months. Of course, she may not be pregnant- just not lost baby weight yet, and breast feeding can lead to engorged, large breasts. In that case, she would soon miscarry. Upon review of facts and photos, it appears that new Gov. Palin decided to cover-up her 16yo pregnancy in hopes of promoting her career. An adoption was canned when they found out the baby had Downs Syndrome (or FAS?). Bristol was pulled from school with “mono” x 5 months- unheard of to us in the medical field! At the last minute, Sarah announces that she is 7 months pregnant—to the surprise of the Govenors office and people of Alaska. She gives interviews with no physical signs of third term pregnancy. She doesn’t act pregnant- the woman was planning on climbing a glacier when she was 6 months, but trip was cancelled due to bad weather. Sarah Palin travels to Texas for a meeting in April- her water breaks at 0430. Even so, she gives her speech, then travels 10 hours to Alaska, then drives 1 hour to a small town hospital—knowing that she is a high risk pregnancy at >40yo with Down syndrome baby. No one on the plane even knew she was pregnant, let alone in labor! There are hospital photos of Bristols boyfriends sister holding the baby at the hospital. Why was she there if it was Sarahs baby? Maybe because it was her brothers baby. Sarah Palin returns towork 3 days later. The convention photo of Bristol holding Trig and her boyfriend gently touching and kissing the baby is odd, and your gut feeling is that this photo is the mommy, daddy and baby. A video shot from outside the convention shows Bristol holding the baby, and sucking on the pacifier- very odd for a big sister to do but not so for a mother. No birth certificate. No baby photo posted at Wasilla Hospital, along with all other babies born that day. OB gyn who delivered baby is suddenly in hiding. And why wouldn’t she tell Sarah Palin to stay put in Texas and delivery baby in hospital with NICU/PICU capable of dealing with high risk pregnancy — especially since she was The Gov, >40yo with Down Syndrome Baby. And by the 5th baby, labor is short… a few hours, NOT 24hours! Too many red flags! And suggests very bad judgement that is concerning for someone who may be a heartbeat away from being president.

  11. Dear Kayla from Arkansas: You obviously are well-educated and well-spoken. I understand why you support Ms. Palin who probably speaks your language.

  12. Ms. Palin is simply a Republican whore (see Condi Rice) who appeals to insecure women and uneducated, easily led, cheap beer drinking men. Sad!

  13. ok for all you people who think that this is just the end of the fucking world need to get a fucking life. her mom can not control her daughters sex life just like my mom cant control mine. why cant sarah palin run for vp because her DAUGHTER is pregnant? its not like she is the one who is pregnant. and she did not leave her SON (stop calling him a down syndrome baby. its makes no difference. a baby is a baby.)like where the fuck do you people get this shit?!you obviously dont even watch the speeches or anything. if you did, sarah palin is quite the mother. she introduced them, was always smiling and waving at them. besides, its not our business anyways.

  14. all the photos show sarah palin with large jackets or overcoats on. she could clearly be hiding a pregnancy under there. some women carry "small" and don't gain weight in their face or extremeties.

    show us a picture of sarah wearing a cocktail dress – then we can better judge.

  15. Of course none of this is any of our business. Yet, the Republicans have always made it their business to bring to light the morale foibles of liberals in general, so it's all fair game now. Sarah Palin would also like to take away my right to choose what I do with my body (the right her daughter excercised, and was praised for by Republican spokes-holes)even in the case of rape and incest.

    I don't really know what to think of this story. It all sounds a little too far-fetched, but we'll see. I would like to point out that she is drinking coffee in the film, which is a huge no no for mom's to be….

  16. Liberals aren't scandalized–they are pissed off by your blatant hypocrisy–how many of you would take off into the streets citing a dip in American Moral Decency of Palin was a Democrat?????

    Where are you FAMILY VALUES picket signs and marches now????????

    How many of you trashed Britney Spears sister Jaime for being pregnant at sixteen "What kind of mother would let this happen?" You cried into available microphones, blogs and boards–and when someone tried to point out that mistake sand life happens with even good parents, you shouted them down calling them immoral and haters of American values!

    And how about Lakeisha of the ghetto who found solace in sex because of how deplorable her life in poverty is—I grew up there so I know what is like and what the despair is like. I am now successful, but I haven't forgotten what it was like to be there, unlike you guys who talk about how easy it is to rise from the ashes when many of you went to school on daddy's dime and don't know crap about what it means to come from nothing.

    I made it yes, but many others were trying just as hard and didn't!

    No Lakeisha gets labeled a whore who is going to hell, not a girl who made the choice to have her baby despite being poor.

    Think about it! How many time shave you pushed FAMILY F VALUES mantras down peoples throat–called Mothers shameless and worthless if they had to work even if that same mother made the choice to have her child as opposed to abort despite being poor. No, instead of lifting her up because you were pro-life , you would trash and vilify her.

    You guys talked about bringing the stigma back to teen pregnancy, now, all of damned sudden "its life?"

    I have been saying that crap for years and you people acted like I was advocating teen pregnancy. I wasn't! I was saying it was "life"…

    I mean–ever day the Dr Laura Schlessinger 's, people that you support, tear women like Palin and her daughter anew one when they call her stupid, man hating show, but now, all of sudden, you understand how MISTAKES HAPPEN???


    All I know is the next time I get flack from one of you conservatives for protecting the virtue and reputation of a poor black or poor white working mother who got pregnant young (as I did in the past to your scathing rebukes) and I get your family values, hate filled rhetoric I am going to scream foul so loud the angels in heaven will hear it!

    I at least respect conservatives, small group that they are, who have said they don't like Palin for the fact that she wasn't there for her daughter due to "work" and must not have been around to see what she was getting into– I don't agree with them because I think in today's economy it behooves both parents to work, but at least they have the courage to stick behind the crap you guys have been spouting and amen-ing for years.

    Liberal bias???!!! How about a big convenient 360.

    But of course, if you do post this–you guys will call me a Saddam Hussein lover, a kool-aid drinker, Osama, tree hugger, pansy, hater of America…a traitor, an alien who abducts cows, and won't have one concrete thing to say because you know I am right.

    I mean the only thing you know how to do is trash talk when someone make a valid counterpoint — so I await the vilification, but the reaction will be becasue you have spent years saying the very opposite of what you are saying now, and now that the spotlight is on your own human fragilities (and you now know you can't act self righteous and holier than thou because anyone, no matter how good a parent they are, can make mistakes) now you have been caught with your pants down and shown for the two faced liars you are!

    You stand for nothing and your VALUES can be sold to the highest bidder!

    And no, I am less than perfect myself, but I was thirty-five and married before I had a child even though I am a low life Liberal.

    Also, I acknowledged I am not perfect and pone to mistakes whereas you stone throwers were always able to walk on water —

    Didn't realize you lived in a glass house eh?

  17. Questions, questions, everyone has a question!

    here are all the links to the news articles, you can make up your own mind. Since Sarah REFUSES to have her Doctor or Hospital Admin put an end to all of this.

    notes: Sarah lived in Juneau, see Hiking Show, Doctor was 600 miles away in Wasilla. See hospital birth records of MatSu Hospital. Proof she was in Texas 8.5 months pregnant. At the very least she is an unfit mother!

    look at bottom of page, instead of clearing this up, the GOP says NO INTERVIEWS!!!!!

  18. She's clearly a physically active woman who wears a lot of baggy clothing. We Americans expect our pregnant women to eat themselves into obesity. It's ridiculous and ludicrous. If baby Trig is four months old and Bristol is five months pregnant, then clearly it's not her baby. Math, people…it's important.

    Also, if you watch the speeches, you can see all the girls take a turn holding the baby…much like I did when I was a teenager with baby siblings. They don't stay little and sweet like that for very long.

    I'm no Sarah Palin fan…I won't vote for her, but someone ought to have REAL reasons for her uselessness (ie, foreign policy…she no has it) other than starting rumors that are clearly thought up by someone who can't read or do basic arithmetic.

  19. Who says Trig has Down's Syndrome ? Sarah Palin does, the one suspected of faking her pregnancy. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome causes a very similar looking infant, and is *much* more common in pregnant teens who don't know they shouldn't drink at all while pregnant.

    Who says Trig is premature ? Sarah Palin does. Looks pretty big to me for 4 months old. If it is a full term Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby, that means it was conceived in July 2007. How *old* was Bristol then, 15 ? Statutory rape. Even at 16, having a FAS baby out of wedlock would look *very* bad for the State's first woman Governor – not only were you not enough of a mother to keep your daughter from getting *pregnant*, but you also did not teach her *not to drink alcohol* if she did. Political Death.

    Luckily, the TV show "Desperate Housewives" aired two episodes about Bree faking a pregnancy – aired Sept 30, 2007 and Oct 21, 2007. Sarah Barracuda knows a good idea when she sees one.

    When was Bristol pulled out of high school for "mono" ? November 2007, at 4 months pregnant. Did they already know from ultrasound the kid was FAS ? Bristol was hidden from public view until Trig was born. Governor Mom was seen only *two times* as pregnant in the 6 weeks of her cover-up : she wasn't going to take too many risks, like Bree on the TV show. Don't push your luck.

    March 6, 2008 – Sarah *announces* she is pregnant. Even her *staff* who work with her every day are astonished, and can't believe she is pregnant.

    Countdown, 6 weeks: rush up from Texas, have it delivered by your close family friend, and voila, coverup complete.

    But wait, Bristol hasn't lost all that weight yet from her delivery in April. And the National Spotlight is on her family now. Huh. Ok, Bristol is pregnant *now*, 'about 5 months'. Soon she will 'lose' the baby. How sad. And shotgun wedding with Trigs father is still on.

    Gullible Americans will swallow it.

    "Bristol is 5 months pregnant NOW, Trig was born 4 months ago, do the MATH !"


    How many Americans have read Sherlock Holmes and watched Columbo ? I've only seen about a dozen posts where people don't accept the *PRONOUNCEMENT* that Bristol is 5 months pregnant NOW.

    Cover up a lie with a bigger lie. And people fall for it.

  20. Uh she does actually look 7 months pregnant in the movie because when he first goes to meet her she sticks out her butt a little bit and has that big jacket on to cover up the baby. Btw, her bump could also be small because the baby was 6lbs…

    Anyhow she is a douche and so is McCain. I would hope Americans would be intelligent enough to vote Ron Paul, but of course our lack of intelligence as a country never seizes to amazes me anymore.

    Welcome to Great Depression Part II folks. Happy times for you and your dumb children.

  21. It blows my mind that people are still hung up on the idea that Trig is Bristol's baby when it has already been made clear that she is currently pregnant. And as for "proof" coming from Bristol holding the baby rather than the father…tonight at the Republican National Convention the father temporarily handed the baby to the youngest daughter (7 years old). Does that mean Trig is HER baby??

  22. I think Sarah Palin is indeed the mother of Trig. I also think that if she insisted on giving her speech on April 17th after her waters broke, and then insisted on going on that 8 hours flight back to Alaska, it was because she knew that doing so could easily kill the fetus, and hoped that it would – a form of passive abortion which would save her face with regard to her position about abortion. It didn’t work, and now she is saddled with a Down’s Syndrome child.

  23. Wake up. This will be Bristol’s second child by Todd. Where was Bristol the day Trig was born? Oh, and there’s no birth certificate for Trig.

    Another question for Sarah Palin when she’s answering the other questions:

    From the April 18, 2008 Anchorage Daily News:

    Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth to her fifth child at 6:30 this morning at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, her spokeswoman said today.

    The boy’s name is Trig Paxson Van Palin. He’s 6 pounds, 2 ounces.

    “The governor’s labor began while she was in Texas, and I do know that she got on a plane and landed in Anchorage late last night,” said Palin spokeswoman Sharon Leighow.

    Leighow said the governor and her son are healthy and resting comfortably today.

    The baby wasn’t due until May 18. “It was quite a surprise,” Leighow said.

    The online record for births at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center on April 18, 2008 show two births, neither a Trig Palin.

    (h/t Daily Dish)

  24. I was browsing levi johnson’s myspace account and this is what he said on about himself:

    “Levi Johnson’s Blurbs
    About me:
    I recently impregnated the Republican Vice Presidential candidate’s whore daughter Bristol. We had a kid earlier, but it got Down Syndrome so we threw it away. Bristol’s mom said she’d take it and tell everyone it was hers. We’re going to name our new mutant, Steve Buscemi Johnson.”

  25. WOW!! HELLO !! WoW

    I just caught Inside Edition and boy did they slip up. (?)

    A reporter in Wasilla in front of the H.S. states that Bristol changed shools halfway through the year.. WAIT FOR IT…

    My bet is tht she didn’t realize she was even pregnant until late 2007 (think of the family pic) and the Palins pulled her out then..

    BUT.. today they said she was due in December…. Hmmmmm. That would make for the longest pregnancy ever known. Wouldn’t it?

    Inside Edition written report of the aired piece:

  26. Whether the child is Bristol’s is uncertain at this point. What is certain is that a lot of people do not trust Sarah Palin based on the impression she makes. She appears to be cold and calculating. It may not be her fault but may be she is really cold and calculating.

  27. Yes it points to a baby by Grandma. I personally feel dirty for prying.
    The physics of 9/11 point to an inside job. We should all feel dirty for NOT prying.

  28. When I was 6 months pregnant with both of my children, people couldn’t even tell I was pregnant. My pediatrician ordered ultrasounds because I was so small. Even wearing a pair of shorts, you couldn’t see my bump. She told me it was because I am tall and carry toward the back. I couldn’t fit into my pants at 7 months, so I borrowed a friend’s size 10 and 12 clothing. I didn’t have to wear maternity clothes until 8 months of pregnancy. Hunter Tylo is an actress who also didn’t show when she was in the later stages of her 3rd or 4th pregnancy. Every woman is different and the 7 months picture proves nothing to women like me who were the same way. If she lied, it will come back to her because you reap what you sow.

  29. Everyone seems to assume Sarah was “covering for Bristol” because they were ashamed.
    I think Sarah and Todd Palin decided to claim the child as their own because then Trig would be covered under the Governor’s insurance plan that would obviously have covered all her children. As the child of Bristol Palin, an unemployed teenager, poor Trig would be entitled only to indigent care and would be a burden on taxpayers. Oh, I forgot…taxpayers pay the premiums for the Governor’s insurance policy. Oh, well. Sarah Palin’s coverage will provide the best care for a child who needs it. Too bad all the other little babies with special needs in America cannot be on Sarah Palin’s health plan too.
    I think Sarah Palin rushed back from Texas to legally adopt Trig the moment he was born. Now, legally, he IS the child of Sarah and Todd Palin. It makes sense, except for the part about pretending. I know grandparents who adopt their grandbabies in order to provide for them as legal dependents. But I never knew anyone to pretend to be a grandchild’s parent.

  30. How do we know that the baby Trig has down syndrome and not something else?

    Sara Palin should be at home taking care of her baby or grandson.

  31. Dani, you’re copying and pasting your essay/comment on all the comment sections featuring this story. It’s starting to look fabricated. Either you’re a really ambitious teenager who wants to get the story out at any cost… or you’re an interested party blatantly trying to take the heat off the Palins. CoIntelPro, anyone?

  32. I live in Alaska and work for the State of Alaska…the ‘rumors’ about Sarah Palin NOT really being pregnant and that the baby was her daughter’s was out there long before McCain nominated her for VP…Alaska may be large in size, but the atmosphere up here is very ‘small town’. You folks down in the lower 48 have to remember that she is rather like a Cult up here. She has groupies that follow her blindly, some because they are men thinking with the ‘other’ brain, some because she has children and named them all these ‘Alaskan’ names, and to the rustic outdoors Alaskan, this is really ‘cool’. Some of her followers think that because she belongs to the NRA (when did she join??) and says that she hunts and fishes, that makes her really great, some because she ran her campaign stating over and over that she was going to bring ‘ethics’ back to Alaska(at the time Alaskans were vulnerable because we had a narcissistic governor who had purchased a jet for himself which pissed people off, oh yeah, Palin promised to sell the jet – a very big plus that won her votes). Hey people, all campaigns have a gimmick, you pick the right one at the time that will appeal to the masses and you win them over – it’s not like everyone in the state of Alaska is a genius, they can be ‘had’, and have been, quite often. Remember, this is the state where people go who can’t deal with society, want to make a lot of money (if you have money and want contracts, there are a lot of ‘state officials’ for sale, and a lot of people ‘escape’ to Alaska who are wanted for a crime somewhere else in the lower 48 – we do have that old saying about men up here, ‘The odds are good, BUT the goods are ODD!!. And, take a look at the corruption that is rampant up here in the Last Frontier and has been for years; the Feds have been dragging off Senators and Legislatures like pigs to a slaughter..And, of course, there are some of the citizens of Alaska who follow along behind Sarah, Koolaid in hand, because she keeps telling everyone, innocently, ‘I’m just a hockey Mom; I’m not one of the ‘Good Old Boys’…trust me, she’s a Good Old Boy in a skirt! When she became governor, she appointed a lot of men as commissioners who had the reputation as being just that, ‘good old boys’ and had, in the past, gotten the boot from State jobs, but, they donated money to her campaign, buying their jobs (oh, yeah Sarah, that’s ethical). Many of them lived up around the Wasilla area. OH, and, another hot rumor, she even appointed one old highschool boyfriend who became commissioner for Corrections (and stood behind him when there was a ‘no confidence’ vote against him and he was under investigation). And, speaking of investigations, Palin herself, is embroiled in an ongoing investigation which involves ‘abuse of power’ among other things. Seems Sarah’s sister was married to a State Trooper. When Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla she wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for the guy so he would get hired as a trooper. Everything was peachy kean for about 5 years until the trooper brother-in-law and the sister were going through a divorce and child custody battle. Seems he instantly became ‘the trooper from hell’. Of course, all the complaints filed against him were from the Sarah Palin family (what a coincidence). And, all the things they squealed on him for were just fine and dandy as long as he was married to the sister. Vengence is not pretty and has no place in the government. Governor Sarah fired the Commission of Public Safety after he refused to fire the trooper ex-brother-in-law. An investigation began, State emails disappeared, phone calls were recorded from her staff members ‘hinting’ that Sarah sure would be happy if the trooper was fired..and on and on it went (her head staff guy, Baily, said that all these phone calls were his idea (wonder what nice, big fat job he was offered for taking the blame). It filled our newpapers and newscasts nightly….the State Legislature decided to open an investigation into the matter, and it is ongoing as I write this. And, of course there is Todd, the husband (who she so proudly presented to the Nation as, ‘he’s a champion snow machiner’and he’s in a union – Wow, that’s impressive..educated, able to speak intelligently to heads of State, or just able to donate sperm and stand around behind Sarah?) – Todd was also involved in the phone calls about firing the trooper, and included copied on State emails that went back and forth (and Todd is NOT a state employee and therefore is not supposed to be privvy to any state business, being included in state emails would make them ‘personal’ emails and that, by policy, is not allowed. And, of course, all of this state garbage that has not yet been dealt with, has been pushed to the back burner. And, when in all of this mess has Sarah had time to play ‘Mommy’? And when is she going to have any time to spend with this 5 month old baby who has a disability? Then her daughter gets pregnant (again?), the daughter of the Governor?! Yes, there are a lot of teen pregnancies, but usually when you are in the spotlight, you have better control over your children. Gee, maybe the family has the same mentality as so many people, ‘the hell with education’, let’s just populate the world and let children have children and not be concerned with the fact that the United States is being passed by – who cares if China and Japan and a host of other countries are leading the way in industry, leaving us in the dust…how many of you can find Alaska on the map!? No, it’s not down by Hawaii as seen on the weather maps! Or maybe the Palin family is just one of the many ‘baby factories’ up here who keep shoving out the kids so they get more of that ‘free’ Alaska money that is given out each October called the Permanent Fund!! Well, I could go on and on, but I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, but think, use common sense..this women has a plethera of problems and you have to ask yourself questions…if she already has a load of ongoing problems, what is she going to do if she has to run the country. It’s a frightening thought. Sarah has managed to pull the wool over a lot of eyes up here, but the media will uncover it all in time. They’ll find out about her temper, her ‘my way or the highway’ attitude and there are people who will be willing to sell their secrets and it will all come out – John McCain, what were you thinking!!

  33. Wow! How EXCITING to be in the company of SO MANY pure, moral male and female virgins! I musta died and gone to heaven with all of these precious “saints” commenting on here!

  34. If this is true it raises a LOT of questions! A woman who says that abortion is wrong even in cases of incest or rape, and who says that she would want her daughter to have a child even if she were raped….THEN, this Down’s Syndrome child? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? All I know is 44 year old Mom’s often have children with birth defects but teen moms very seldom do….EXCEPT in cases of incest

    Just thinking… father or son?

  35. Protect her daughter from what? A scandal? Seems that this sort of behavior only creates more scandal. The smart move would have been to simply admit the pregnancy and show a mother’s support. Now it appears that either the daughter shirked her responsibility or the mother made her keep this a secret since it was premarital.

  36. For what its worth, I haven’t seen photos of the gov. that show her in any form-fitting clothes- she could be pregnant under there, or she could be flat-bellied, it’s kinda hard to see a bulge under a parka.

    but @ 120, liberalssuck, who are the known muslim terrorists that obama’s hanging out with? If his dad hated white people, how’d he knock one up? And since Obama’s dad abandoned the family, and Obama is half-white, why does that matter if the candidate’s dad was/is a douchebag? you just said it was unfair to “pin rumors on a newborn”- how is it different to slam Obama because of who his father, who he never really knew, was or is?

  37. How nice that Gov. Palin knew about her daughter’s pregnancy and decided to accept VP nomination. “Hey, Bristol, you think having a baby at 16 will be hard. How about I turn the entire country’s ire on you?” What mother would do that to her daughter. You gotta question Palin’s judgment. That is just mean to parade her daughter through the mud for her own opportunity.

  38. I doubt this is true. It is improbable but may not be impossible. If Bristol Palin gave birth and the Live Birth Certificate was falsified, we would be talking about a doctor in danger of losing a license to practice. I would not give up my income forever for anyone. Would you? Do you really think a whole hospital full of people could keep this quiet? That makes no sense to me. Obama had the right response to this, and if he does, in fact, find any of his staff have been involved in this nastiness, I believe he will fire any involved. Geez! What if Bristol was not pregnant in that picture? Teenage girls always feel they are too fat. I think she looks normal. My sense is that this attack is unfair and sexist.

  39. So Palin’s daughter got pregnant WHILE being out of school with a severe case of Mono! That is what this news means.

    What the hell is going on with this family?

  40. I think she looks pregnant “enough” to have had a 6lb baby. Some women do hide it well including my own mother who was asked by the nurse when she went into labor “what are you having, a peanut?”. Consider Nicole Kidman for another example. She didn’t look pregnant at all until the very very end.

  41. Liberals need to learn how to do math. If Trig was born in April and Bristol is 5 months pregnant, it is impossible for her to be the baby’s mother and that is really unfair to pin all those rumors on an innocent newborn baby. Teens don’t typically give birth to Down’s Syndrome babies. The risk of Downs Syndrome increases over the age of 40, which Sarah is. Why don’t the liberals worry about Obama’s ties with known Muslim terrorists or his regular cocaine use in the not so distant past. If you are trying to use the family values arguement, Obams was raised by an atheist mom and grandma and his dad was a radical Muslim, who hated whites. THAT should worry you more than an almost adult female getting pregnant. At least the father is marrying her, Obamas dad left his mother and Obama abandoned his own half brother. Obama also said he would allow his daughters to have abortions as he didn’t want them to be “cursed with children.” Yep, that’s who should be in charge of our country huh!

  42. Who Give a Dam! The Guy and girl wanted and had sex..Duh, kind of normal huh? Nobody cared about Clinton and His lady friend in the White House. Young guys and Girls have been having sex for ions. A lot get P.G. So What! Get real stop the Bull S.

  43. Ha, this new report of Bristol being “about 5 months” pregnant even makes this story seem MORE likely to me! Trig was born 4.5 months ago, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been pregnant, it just makes it seem she got pregnant again right after giving birth and that “about 5 months” is probably a little less than that…i bet you anything she gives birth at least a few weeks “late.”

  44. Sarah Palin is severely unqualified for this job. That should really be the only bottom line. All politicians are hypocritical to a point. Republicans are just more-so. If all of this is true, and her down-syndrome baby was really the child of her daughter..then shame on her..because she HAD to have known this would come out. And obviously hurt her family. She should’ve turned McCain down to protect her family.

  45. Sarah Palin confirmed this morning (Sept 1)that her daughter, Bristol is currently about 5 months pregnant and is going to marry the father, Levi. If she is 5 months pregnant, she could not have been pregnant when Trig was born A MONTH EARLY. Pull your heads out people. The jackass that started this rumor should be tarred and feathered. Nincompoop.

  46. I appreciate that the Palins are pro-life and would support their daughter’s pregnancy even though they may get bad media for it. Obviously, life is worth more to them than the democrats who would gladly kill babies to save their image. Who knows how many democratic politicians daughters have been pregnant because the babies would have been aborted instead of letting it hit the media.

  47. It could be that the daughter did have the baby in march and now is pregnant again…that would be approx 5months later.. it happens.. i have 2 that are 18months apart..

  48. Interestingly the video you supplied as proof of her not looking pregnant looks to me like she is. I don’t know how many of you naysayers have actually ever actually been pregnant or been for you guys, been an expectant father, but not all pregnancies are the same and not all show the same and not all women dress to accentuate it. If you watch the video while she is talking to the reporter you can see what appears to be an oversized top and signs of a belly within.

    Hey lets start a rumor that she doesn’t really need glasses and only wears them for effect, or hey how about that she smoked dope while pregnant and it thwarted her childs growth, Hey I got it … there is s lot you can make up here. Why not investigate, why not pull birth records, why not check into hospital admission records etc. Maybe you’re right, maybe its just too much trouble, maybe it’s just to speculate and print this, hell doesn’t matter if it’s true right? It sells your site.


  49. No idea if the current baby is Bristol’s, but the next one is. Governor Palin can limit her daughter’s options all she wants, but if we let her, she’ll limit the options of ALL our daughters.

  50. Since the baby has Down’s syndrome, the baby being the governor’s would actually be more logical/probable since the stats for a baby being born with Down’s skyrockets after the mid-30s.

    All you small minded people who are crucifying Governor Palin over the question of her fifth child, are just fueling a vicious smear campaign. Besides, if you want to exhibit your holier-than-thou attitude … why don’t you get even more angry at Obama, Michelle, and their children, for spending 20 years in an anti-American racist church, as well as associations with Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc.. These facts are much more relevant to the next administration, than the possibility of a loving mother taking the heat to protect her child and grandchild.

  52. This blog gets crazy but sometimes there is some truth. It looks like the real story is that Bristol is pregnant now. That explains the ring.

    See these new pics of Bristol clearly pregnant now. 17 and pregnant. Daughter of women who doesn’t believe in birth control and how to have responsible sex. Now look what has happened. Maybe she should have given her daughter more options than just abstinence…like birth control.

  53. OMG!! See the ring on her finger! In the picture where Palin is holding the baby she also has on a wedding or engagement ring. Why is she wearing that?

    Why does a 16 yr have on a wedding or engagement ring. This is very interesting.

  54. “Not our business”. Really? This woman could be President of the United States next year. If she hid this, what would she do with information that makes her personally uncomfortable but that the country needs? The President has awesome responsibilities. Can we trust a bold liar? How’s Bush doing?

  55. It's about judgment. If the child was Sarah's, her flight back to Alaska after having broken her water was incredibly reckless, placing both her and her child in grave jeopardy. Is that the kind of person you want in the Oval Office?

    The cover story doesn't add up, and it actually looks better if she was covering for her wayward daughter. If Palin 'came clean' now — giving a modern "Checkers" speech — she would be almost unassailable.

  56. I live in Valdez, Alaska. I know people who live in Wasilla, and this garbage is a bunch of bull manure.

    So not only is Sarah Palin going to cover up her child’s pregnancy, she is going to lie about an amnio, lie about giving birth, lie, lie, lie. And all the doctors, nurses, etc. are going to abet her in this lie. Are you people fricking insane?

    As for Palin getting on the plane back to Alaska to to have her baby…

    Do you know that she did or did not contact her doctor about this?

    She is a religious woman and a woman with a very loving family. If you were a woman 8 months pregnant and complications arose, but based on your previous pregnancies, you felt you could make it home, no sweat, would you take the risk?

    What woman in her right mind would want to give birth to her fifth child in a strange city with strange doctors and no family available?

    Give me a break. Of course she chose to try and get home to have her baby surrounded by her family and friends with her own doctors. More likely the doctor convinced her to have the child rather than try and take it to term.

    And six pounds is not a big baby these days, and Sarah Palin was a fitness nut. I have seen lots of photos on the net clearly showing her pregnancy. But that will not convince the vitriolic conspiracy fanatics. Screw em.

  57. For the record, Palin sure looks pregnant here:

    ‘Preg.’ daughter pic from ‘06 – compare the age of the younger sis and middle daughter’s growth to current pics. (the eldest ’still’ looks preggers – poor thing has a healthy pootch.)

    In addition to rampant rumors – there's an entire website: BristolPalin

    To do that to a 16 year old girl is disgusting.

  58. I've never given birth however my sister-in-law has five children. From what I've witnessed with her, a woman who has been through labor several times believes that she her body "better" than her obstetrician. My sister-in-law would have hopped a plane to Europe after her water broke if she felt like it. She boasts she could deliver another child alone without a doctor present if need be. Palin's pre-labor behavior could be traced to being a "pro" at giving birth.

  59. If you watch that video, she looks very pregnant when walking along the street…in fact, I thought that before I heard any of these rumors or knew when the video was from. I thought, "Ooh, I know that pregnant walk!" having just waddled through my own fifth pregnancy. She's a runner…she jogged through her whole pregnancy. It's highly likely she could have carried that way. I've seen it before.

  60. The issue of the who the mother of Trig is fare game. Sarah Palin has used the child’s Down syndrome, and her decision to keep him even after finding out in advance, as support for her harsh stance on abortion. If true, I’m not sure if it was done to protect the daughter or protect her mother’s political career.

  61. Even if it is true I fail to see how it would hurt McCain-Palin. It would make them Front Page news and endear the Governor and her daughter to the vast majority of voters. Who can’t relate with wanting to protect their daughter and grandchild. I don’t see how a Governor raising a Down Syndrome child or grandchild is a bad thing at all in fact, I mean it draws much needed attention to a serious condition on a national level. If this story turns out to be true McCain gets atleast a 5 point bump and Barrack Obama struggles to stay relevent. Any attempt by liberals to spin a scandal here back fires. Still the fact that this story even gets play is sad and exposes a complete lack of compassion or values among liberals. I don’t even like John McCain, but this story being on liberal blogs across the internets pushes me in a conservative direction.

  62. what difference does it make if gov palin was pregnant or the baby is not hers but rather her daughters. the only important thing we should be interested in is that she is in over her head running for vp. McCain just needed someone to try to change the dynamics of the election so he chose a very attractive young women when he had many more well qualified vp candidates right under his nose

  63. The issue for me is why a 44 year old women carrying a Down Syndrome baby would wait so many hours to get to the doctor after she began to leak water. This is totally unsafe because of the danger of germs that could harm the child. Was she trying to show how “tough” she was? I’m from Texas and there are plenty of tough women here who hunt, ride, have babies, and work full time. But none of them I know would risk not getting medical help in such a situation. It really does make me question her decision making!

  64. I have eight kids – I usually don’t show until about 7 months. We didn’t announce my last pregnancy until we reached 6.5 months and no one guessed. Some women, especially active and physically fit like Palin, might not show until late pregnancy. Also, Down’s is much more prevalent in women over age 35 and especially increases to 1 in 12 or less after age 40 – so Trig’s Down Syndrome fits an older mother’s pregnancy as well. As for Bristol’s ring, could be a purity ring. My daughter’s have those on the left ring finger. Notice there is only ONE ring, not two like in most engagements and weddings. As for why she’s holding Trig – my children never let their baby sister down for a moment after she was born! Babies are fun and cuddling them is precious!!! Stop picking on Bristol! Just like Obama’s campaign to smear a 16 yr olds reputation to get at her mother! He can’t reach Palin any other way, so now both the daughter and little Trig come under the microscope – better watch out though Obama, that mother bear will come after you big time! If it is Bristol’s baby – kudo’s to Palin for protecting both her daughter and her grandson. I see only a woman who is all heart and filled with strength – and Obama sinks even lower in my eyes as he is using the love shown here for devious ends.

  65. here’s a link to use in answer to the “not really her baby” crap going around:

    Because of prenatal testing, most families now know beforehand, said Judy Waldron, president of the Alaska chapter of the National Down Syndrome Congress, a support and education group that delivered a parent packet to the Palins in the hospital.

  66. To all those who keep calling this “Daily Kos crap” and suggesting that is a reason to ignore or dismiss it:

    The only thing the Daily Kos writer did is collect a lot of other information that has been out on Alaska blogs for several months, and put it all in one place. I appreciate being given information, so I can use my own brain to figure out the truth. I’m not impressed with the fact that numerous websites are being scrubbed in an apparent attempt to remove the “evidcence.”

    I don’t know whose child Trig is. But IF the rumors are true, then that reinforces my opinion that I don’t want Sarah Palin as our VP. Someone whose response to uncomfotable information is to lie about it is called a LIAR. (People don’t lie when the truth isn’t causing them any problems.)

    And since there’s lots of evidence that Palin lied in her introductory speech Friday about her position on the “Bridge to Nowhere,” I think we have ample reason to ask her to substantiate her version of this story.

  67. Anyone who thinks this story is true needs to read Dani’s post above (#53). If Dani actually is a teenage girl, she is a pretty smart one and has done a good job of refuting this story.

  68. Alaska Babe these people are sick and I am ashamed that they are apart of this great nation. Welcome to main stream America land of the dysfuntional and conspiracy theorists. They did this to Hillary Clinton and now they are after Sarah. Many will have her back.

  69. Some people are desperate enough – or stupid enough – to grasp at straws when their version of reality seems to be slipping away.

    Let’s see … more demonstrable government experience and management success than Barack; more time as commander in chief of a state’s National Guard; an 80% approval rating from her constituencies; more in line with middle America who do NOT want a Socialist state, more big brother meddling in our private lives; understands the arrogance of us humans thinking that ‘global warming’ is a reality [a majority of the most revered scientists don’t think so!] and that we can alter God’s creation [oh by the way, who caused the first Ice Age to melt – no cars then, no smog, no polluted rivers and streams, no hair spray, etc]; is not either the most liberal or the third most liberal senator in the Congress; truly values the dignity of human life, even if it’s not perfect; and on and on.

    Give me a break!! Sarah brings more honesty, more ‘true to her word’ credibility to the race that all the other candidates together on the Demo side, including those not on the ticket.

  70. I'm a Democrat voting for Senator Obama

    When I first read this story, I didn't believe it. The more I thought about it, the more I started to believe it.

    I hope that this doesn't become an issue, even if this story is true and the baby is her grandson. IF it's true, her daughter was 16-WAY too young to have a baby, let alone a baby with special needs. (And at age 16, kids are so very cruel which could explain why the daughter would have been pulled out of school) If she and her husband decided to pass the baby off as their own and even faked her pregnancy, I say good for them. Perhaps they privately adopted him from their daughter to raise as their own-so what? More than likely, Sarah Palin and her husband will be caring for the baby for life. I have no doubt he'll be very much loved by his entire family.

  71. When I indicated that she was protecting her daughter, I am being generous in terms of her motivation. What is important is if this is true is that McCain did not appropriately "vet" her and that she lied to the American people. This says alot about McCain and Palin, and what it says is that they are not qualified to head up this country.

  72. If this rumor is true – I would not consider Sarah being "heroic" or "proctecting" her daughter. I would think it's great that she accepted what happened and is willing to help Bristol. However, by pretending it's hers is nothing more than protecting her "family values" image. How exited would her base be if her daughter was pregnant???

  73. It's interesting that people all around the country are talking about this now.

    I attended Juneau-Douglas High School with Bristol our sophomore year. And this past year she went back up to Anchorage for high school.

    We've all been talking about this whole thing for months now, way way way before Sarah was picked as VP. (we as in teenagers of Alaska who knew Bristol). This is not a smear campaign from Obama.. we think the same thing as everyone else about how Trig is actually Bristol's. She was known for drinking a lot and admitted to sleeping with her boyfriend at the time.

    So.. to those of you who doubt this or don't know where this story came from.. it started in Alaska with teenagers. Don't be so quick to throw this story out as untrue. We're all 90% sure that Trig is Bristol's and Sarah is covering it up.

  74. I didn’t show at any of those stages in my pregnancy. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 5 1/2 months along (still had my monthly visitor but very light)…. None of that proves one thing to me. It is all in how you carry it, and how you dress. Geeze…. I was very slim too btw.

  75. If Sarah Palin is really the grandmother and not the mother of Trig, she should have either said "no" to the Vice Presidency in order to continue to "protect" her daughter, or have come clean when nominated. Most parents would have understood and condoned either of these positions.

    However, at this point, if this is true, then her political future is over as she has lied to the American people. But if this is true McCain's judgment and vetting process appears to be amazingly flawed. McCain appears to believe that the choice of Palin has supported his "maverick" credentials, however, it appears to me that it has further validated that if he is elected he will decide issues by his "gut", as opposed to good sense and clear investigation, which is what we have been subjected to over the last 8 years that has led to a great deal of incompetence.

    If this rumor is not true, it calls into great question the sanity of Palin. I do not know of any women at 44 years of age in labor with a baby that is known to have special needs that is being born slightly premature that would, after her water broke, wait 6 hours to make a speech, not see a doctor, then take an 11-12 hour flight up to Alaska, pass by hospitals that would be best situated to deal with her and her baby's needs, to go to a hospital that is not. If she indeed did this, she needs her head examined, and I wouldn't want her anywhere near the federal government less the presidency.

    As she does not appear to be a stupid woman, and from the picture of her daughter (who appears to be pregnant), I believe that this rumor is true. If she had come clean originally, this would have been fine. But if this comes out, the problems with McCain's judgment (besides the issues of her lying) and his vetting process, as well his lack of asking questions tell us that he will be a horrible president. In many ways, worse then Bush.

  76. MOMMATO8 —

    Not one word of what has been published about this rumor has come from the Obama campaign.

    Do you really not understand the difference between blogs/gossip sites and the Obama campaign? Or was your misstatement a deliberate attempt (one of millions that have occurred over the past few months) to smear Obama?

  77. Elizabeth

    "The “media” ought to be ashamed of themselves for writing this story as though it has a modicum of truth to it,"

    What "media" are you referring to? You are posting on a site that doesn't claim to be media, its called "Celebrity Gossip DOT COM".

    This is a GOSSIP site.

    But just like John Edwards who was outed by the National Enquirer. The fact that it is on a gossip site doesn't make it not true.

    (With the exception of Fox News)- The media is supposed to wait for comfirmation that something is actually true.

    One last question… Were you this angry when the "media" was reporting that Obama was a Muslim? (for those who don't know…. its not true)

  78. I heard about this "story" with in 10 minutes of the announcement that she would be the VP.

    But didn't believe it then. Now, i am starting to wonder.

    The Dems don't have their attack machine that finely tuned. They didn't start this rumor, someone else did.

    Is this our business? I think so. I think the president and vp should be people of integrety. They should be honest.

    If this is dishonest then she probably broke a lot of laws in the process. Including falseifying documents. Which would be a felony if convicted. I don't think that our president or VP should be a felon.

    As far as the "protecting your daughter" story goes. Ba'h. Then what does that say about her judgement and common sense? Did she really think that the worlds media wouldn't did this up when she accepted the vice presidential nomination?

    But all this is about her. What does it say about John McCain, who now admits that he didn't completely vett the candidate?

    Does he not feel that as a 72-76 year old (age he would be in his first term), who has survived 5 bouts with cancer, that he doesn't need to look into the background of his VP nominee?

  79. What idiot started this story? There is VIDEO footage of her VERY pregnant at work, promising NOT to go into labor that day.

    This rumor is sooo easy to disprove I cannot believe it has gone this far. Just google it!

  80. It angers me to see how low and dispicable people will go to try and smear someone unjustly in this nation. We have truly hit rock bottom with this latest "story"on Gov Palin and her family. There is absolutely nothing to substantiate these ridiculous rumors, and even those of you responding in her "defense" turn on her as if there is truth to this completely outrageous story. Do you honestly think something like this couldn't very easily be proven? The "media" ought to be ashamed of themselves for writing this story as though it has a modicum of truth to it, and also those of you jumping on this incredibly evil bandwagon of slander and gossip.

  81. She definitely looks pregnant in that video. She’s a runner who is normally very thin waisted… you can definitely see her waist is thicker and her tummy bumps out under her rib cage… and she had that “pregnancy chubbiness” in her face.

    Not to mention Down’s usually occurs when the mom is over 40. The kind of Down’s that occurs with younger moms is usually the kind that runs in families.

    As far as showing more with each baby… My neighbors didn’t even know I was pregnant with our fifth and sixth babies. They were very surprised to see me with a newborn and asked who’s baby it was. I never ever got comments like “when are you due?” – no one ever guessed I was pregnant.

  82. I feel sorry for her daughter and the fact that people are smearing her family. I myself am the same age as Bristol and keep myself in very good shape. Trust me, I know what my figure looks like. All teenage girls do, that is just the way it is, unfortunately.

    I hate to tell you folks, but almost a third of the other girls I go to school with have these so called “baby-bumps.” Many of my friends are built just like she is in these pictures, which were taken back in late 2006 when her mother was elected into office as governor. And you know what?

    None of them are pregnant.

    Some girls just naturally have a little bit of extra tummy-fat. That’s the way it is. If an adult pointed out every girl they saw with a “baby-bump” then about one-in-four girls at my school would be accused of being pregnant. Everyone is built different, whether pregnant or not.

    Besides, if my calculus-overwhelmed mind can still do simple addition and subtraction, then Palin’s daughter being pregnant in that picture and then giving birth in April of 2008 would simply be impossible.

    Or a freak of nature.

    And we teenage girls often wears jeans that are just a tad tighter than what is normally considered comfortable, and then wear shirts that are either tight or make us look rather pregnant. This has been the style for the last two years or so. And the combination of tight jeans with a rather skin-forming shirt will often result in a slight “bulge” along the bottom of our waistlines. This is normal!!

    And has anyone ever heard of padded bras? I would say that almost half the girls I know at school wear them. When I look at that picture of Bristol Palin, I see a girl who is built very similar to myself and many of my friends.

    Besides, I don’t know what most of you adults think, but us teenagers are not that surprised when we see a pregnant girl at school. There are at least three at mine. And there are also a small number of kids who are absent from school for extended periods of time. Most of us don’t even think twice about it.

    And since they live in a frigid climate like Alaska, I would not find it surprising in the least if quite a few kids have had to take extended absences. One of my friends had a severe case of mono last winter (I’m sure Alaskan winters are even worse than Minnesotan winters) and was out of school for almost three months. I’m sure they would be even more careful about any long-term illnesses in a place like Alaska.

    I’ve even read where people are saying that they saw her daughter wearing a wedding band in a recent picture. Here’s another revelation to people: many teenage girls wear rings on their left ring finger. I wear my class ring on my left ring finger and so do many of my friends. It’s typical and no teenager even thinks twice about it.

    Also, what’s wrong with a much older sister carrying her baby brother. My little brother is much younger than me and I loved to carry him around when he was under one year of age. Truthfully, I was better at it than my own father was and I’m guessing that’s because my sisterly-maternal instincts kicked in. He sure as hell wasn’t my kid though. There are many teenagers out there like my older brother and I who were in our teens when our little brothers or sisters were born. And for a teenage girl, having a baby sibling in the house can be both exciting and exhausting.

    But, boy, do we love to carry the little tykes around.

    And as for Sarah Palin going into labor in Texas, my mother always tells other expecting mothers how she had started leaking small amounts of amniotic fluid almost five days before she went into actual labor with me. She also enjoys telling everyone how she then had me in less than three hours and how I was over 10 pounds too. My mother also continued to workout until she was well into her eighth month. I was not her first baby and she knew her body well enough to know what she could and could not do.

    And like Alaskan mothers, many Minnesotan mothers live a good distance from hospitals or clinics. My godmother is from Alaska and she told me once that her mother, who lived in a remote village over a hundred miles west of Anchorage, had to fly in a plane in order to deliver one of her sons who was a high-risk baby. Traveling great distances to give birth or to go to the doctor is not unheard of in many of the northern territories of Canada, Alaska, and even states such as Montana and Minnesota.

    My aunt just recently had her sixth baby (an “oops” baby, but who cares, he’s adorable) at the age of 42. In a state like Minnesota where it’s often below freezing for many long months at a time, it can frequently be rather hard to tell if a woman is pregnant during the fall, winter, and spring months due to the sheer amount of clothes you have to wear to stay warm. My aunt did not put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy with Kent and if she had not told everyone she was pregnant, I’m sure quite a few people never would have even noticed until her seventh or eighth month due to the heavy clothes she wore when outside or in public.

    The same could easily be said of Sarah Palin, who lives in freezing Alaska.

    Many people have already pointed out how Sarah Palin’s older age could have easily influenced baby Trig’s chances of being born with Down Syndrome. A woman 45 or older has a 1 in 20 chance of having a baby with Downs. You learn that early on in any genetics class. And albeit women younger than 35 make 80% of mothers who have children with Downs, this age group is also much more fertile, producing the majority of children, than women from an older age bracket. The chances of a teenage girl having a baby with Downs is less than 1 in 1500 at least.

    My opinion: don’t bash until you know the facts.

    One of the worst things that can happen to a teenage girl is to be accused of being pregnant when you really are not/were not, especially when said rumors do not hold true to facts. As a fellow teenage girl and older sister, I feel nothing but sympathy for Bristol and her adorable little brother.

  83. I am not sure if this is true or not. Sounds though like something from desperate housewives. I think one of the shows had this scenario. Anyway–I think it's all about proclaiming to be a holier than thou and telling the truth–it's all about the basis of her being republican–I think that this woman has a lot of baggage we don't know about–it doesn't look good for her.

  84. Who paid for the medical services for the birth? If this rumor turns out to be true, I sure hope she didn't submit these charges to an insurance company under her own name. I'm no lawyer but I do believe this would constitute insurance fraud.

  85. I can tell you that these rumors did not circulate around Alaska prior to McCain picking her for the VP spot. I just heard about it this morning. As did many other's I have spoken to.

    I am also wondering why people are obsessed with the fact that Sarah Palin didn't 'look' pregnant. Didn't anyone see Nicole Kidman's pictures before her daughter was born? Where's the conspiracy story surrounding her pregnancy?

  86. Whether this story is true or not is of little consequence in the big scheme of things compared to the fact that McCain, who supposedly cherishes his country, is letting the most unprepared person in history just a 72 year old hearbeat away from the presidency of the world's most powerful nation.

  87. I could care less one way or the other. If she covered up a pregnancy it's her business. BUT I what I do think is that this reflects VERY BADLY on John McCain who DID NOT fully vet this candidate before he chose her for his VP slot. If these kinds of rumors were already flying around about her in Alaska and McCain knew of them, then he was an idiot for choosing a woman embroiled in such scandal. And if he didn't know about the rumors, then he's an idiot for not finding everything out about her before making her his choice.

    Either way, it makes HIM look like the idiot, and does not bode well on his candidacy. At this point, Obama is a shoe-in and McCain has shot himself in the ass. What an idiot!

  88. Si esto llegara a ser cierto, esta mujer seria una mismisima HIPOCRITA queriendo tapar el sol con un dedo de esta manera. Creen ustedes que la futura vicepresidenta de este pais sea una hipocrita mintiendo de esta manera (que por cierto parece un juego de adolescentes) y haciendo creer a todo el mundo esta historia tan falsa??? deberia de escribir un libro o novela!!! por favor que sea mas honesta y asuma la realidad estamos en el 2008 no en 1950 haciendo creer al mundo que esta protegiendo a su hija cuando en realidad esta protegiendo su ique leal reputacion como politica, esa nina es un ser humano y coma tal tiene derecho de cometer errores!!

  89. So people are missing the issue. Sarah Palin is running for the vice-president of America, this is the second highest political position in America. This is not a normal situation.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Sarah Palin protecting her daughter. Even if it means lying. Parents protect their children. However, Americans are inspired by her story, and having part of it a lie is disgraceful.

    I am hopeful that it is not true, because it show poor judgement on John McCain.

    Anyways, Bristol is wearing a ring on her ring finger. This can be easily confirmed by the boy scout wearing an American flag on his right shoulder.

  90. I have known several cases of teen pregnancy where neither the naive teenager nor the parents knew of the pregnancy until it was fairly far along. That could explain some things in this case.

  91. First of all, you all seem to be experts on pregancy. What you don't realize is that here in Alaska, we travel very well in the later months of pregnancy. Most of the time it is required. Anyone who has problems in SE Alaska and other rural areas of the state commonly get 'medivaced' on Alaska Airlines to Seattle or Anchorage. If anyone doesn't know, Alaska Airlines is a commercial airliner. Also, the stabs at Sarah for 'leaving' her children behind are unbelievable. I thought we were a progressive nation. What about Todd? He's a wonderful father and probably more capable than any woman at raising children, nurturing his marriage (where do you think Trig came from) and takes his responsibilities as First Dude very seriously. They are a dynamic family. THESE RUMORS ARE NOT TRUE!!

  92. I'm not particularly interested in the whole "scandal" but this "interview" is pseudo-fake!!!

    * When he gets to her door, there's an insert shot, taken separately from the wider shot, of him knocking.

    * Then when she answers the door, the camera is already inside her house.

    * Then they cut to outside the house in the same dialogue– suggesting to me that this conversation was shot twice from two different angles.

    (maybe there was more than one camera, but from the continuity issues I don't think so.)

    * Throughout this whole "interview" the camera is placed in advance (it seems to be on a tripod) and the actors- I mean interviewer and politician- move in directions that appear to be choreographed given the camera placement.

    Then again it IS a silly magazine-style tourist video and not hard-hitting journalism, so never mind.

  93. The evidence in this case is all circumstantial. If this is untrue, it is a vicious smear and those who perpetuate it should be ashamed. They damage not only the Republican ticket, but also the Democratic ticket, and our entire nation.

    The story should be investigated. I am sure it can quickly be determined. Ask her doctor. Ask her daughter's friends. Ask the people at the conference in Texas. Find out if she is breat feeding…

    If the story were true, it is reasonable to claim this is an act done out of love. But it is also an outright deception. How could we accept in office someone who the name of love, virtue, or ambition could concoct such an elaborate ruse. Protecting a daughter may be admirable quality in a mother. But misleading the public is a despicable quality in an elected official.

  94. I would question the judgement of ANY woman who at 44, pregnant with what she knew to be a Downs Syndrome baby to get on a plane for Dallas, give a speech, have her WATER BREAK during the speech, then get back on a 7 hour flight to Alaska. This is HER description of the baby’s birth! It seems more likely to me that she got a phone call in Dallas, finished the speech and flew back to be with her daughter who delivered the child.

  95. I'm a democrat who thinks that Palin has an incredibly thin resume to be Vp. The chance of having a Down's baby goes way up for women over 40 years old. For this reason alone, it's very unlikely that this baby belongs to the daughter.

  96. This is what our national discourse has turned into? How low can you go.

    Please keep saying these things about a Down Syndrome baby. It makes the opposite side look REAL bad.

  97. you say that if sarah palin is pretending to be the mother, you think more of her for "protecting" her daughter? WOW!

    first of all, what is this 1958? are we still so sexist, so puritanical, that a pregnant teen must hide it, then have her mom pretend to be the biological mother? my god, i thought we'd evolved a little more.

    people have sex. WOMEN HAVE SEX. and one of the consequences of sex, is pregnancy. we are ALL here because a boy and a girl had sex together. how horrible to contribute to the sexist belief that a young woman should feel SHAME if she ends up pregnant.

    but, that isn't even what bothers me the most. so, you'd think MORE of sarah palin, eh? considering that the GOP is using this down syndrome child as an argument against the right to choose abortion – YOU should be ashamed of feeling that way. so, palin's teen daughter gets pregnant, she's part of an antiquated family that heaps shame on her for her (natural)sexual urges, the mom(grandmom) takes over for purposes of "protecting" the daughter (cos, you know, we girls need our honor to be protected, right?), and then the mom goes on to use the disabled child to deny other women their right to choose abortion.

    wow. just wow. that one sentence – that you'd think more of her for "protecting" her daughter – just brought me back to reality. women are not as far on the road to equality as i like to believe, living here in los angeles where i can pretend things are cooler than they are.

  98. Depending on when the family picture was taken, it's possible that Bristol had not told her family about the pregnancy. She could have blamed her weight gain on hormones or teenage pressures that led to overeating. If her mother was too busy to notice her daughter is sexually active, she probably would not have noticed she was pregnant. I thought it was bad enough that we have seen McCain's adopted daughter exactly zero times during this whole campaign. I guess he remembers how bad Karl Rove smeared him with the whole "black child out of wedlock" tactic against him in 2000. He will probably pull her out at some point to even out the blackness.

  99. But isn't it grand!!??? You're children aren't threatened with rape and neither are you, as long as you're an elitist……..

  100. 1. Adopting someone else’s Down’s Syndrome baby is even more heroic than carrying your own to term. She should be chided for her humility.

    2. A new baby will receive insurance coverage whether natural-born or adopted. If there’s any “insurance fraud” in claiming an adopted baby is natural-born, it doesn’t amount to a dime in damages. The insurance company has no case.

    3. I’m a Christian conservative. Just because your child is sinning doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. There’s no political loss in having a wayward child, no more than there was for Cheney’s lesbian daughter. God gives everyone free will, and teenagers have been abusing it since time immemorial.

    4. That’s why there is still a custom of quiet familial adoption in Christian societies. It’s a happy outcome for everyone–adoptive parents get something to keep them busy, baby grows up legitimate, teenage girl keeps her dignity and future, teenage boy doesn’t face shotgun marriage, and nobody asks questions. Want to prosecute people for resolving social problems to the benefit of all without draining public resources for generations? Sounds like a typical left-wing platform point. I have a better idea…such persecutions should be made ILLEGAL.

    5. What’s the modern liberal alternative? Take the girl to the abortuary, suck the baby (your own grandchild!) into smithereens, give the girl a lifetime subscription to psychiatrists, “just repeat after me sweety, I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay”, but she’s not okay, and she won’t look at children the same way again until she gets her conscience in order–(which happens every day at my church, BTW, a beautiful sight to see: people like you and me restored from worry lines into bright smiles, like the Sun dawning after endless night, whatever their private faults all washed away forever in the Blood of the Lamb).

    5. How can you tell when a politician is lying? His mouth moves. Lying (and sacrificing) to protect a minor and an unborn? Yeah, it’ll hurt, but no one will think less of someone for doing it. In fact, wasn’t Palin’s “troopergate” a matter of trying to get a child abuser fired? Anyone start to see a pattern here? Laws will be broken to save children? I can vote for that. What’s the alternative? Letting kids suffer on account of legalism?

    6. Oh, and what was Barack Obama’s alternative? He wouldn’t “punish his daughter with a child”. He WOULD suck his grandchild’s brains into smithereens. If this rumor is true, Trig Van Palin would be a perfect, beautiful living reproof to the pessimistic, hopeless philosophy of Barack Obama. Game set match, Sarah Palin.

  101. Trig was born on April 18, 2008, a month early, with Downs syndrome. That puts the pregnancy start date to around August 2007.

    The 19 year old son enlisted to Army on September 11, 2007.

  102. The reason this is relavent is because when you are Vice President everything is relevent..

    this just seems like one of those unspoken but known things in a small town. Gov. Palin flew 12 hours while in labor? Who does that? She never looked pregnant. All pictures have been taken down. It just seems like there is too much to say it is bogus.

    The thing that it shows the most is that this women has no political experience. If this is true and she agreed to be veep while saying that she had a 5th kid when it was really her unwed 16 year old daughters. Shows that she knows nothing about national politics. When you are in national politics, everybody (news, and opponents and average americans) open up your closet and find everything about it and then go through your friends and families and find everything about them and try to link it too you…. Maybe this is just a blog smear campaign but there is a lot of "huhs" and "that was odd" things going on here…. When something smells funny and looks funny it probably is funny

  103. Sarah Palin was interviewed by People Magazine yesterday, and during here interview she had to excuse herself in order to breast feed her baby.

    I don't know if any of you bottom feeders have children or not, but children should be off limits where Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates are concerned.

    Obama would be disgusted with all of you. He has two daughters, one of whom is on the brink of her teenage years. I think Obama is a decent man, no matter whether you agree with his politics or not, and I believe any campaign smears that involve children would make him sick, as it is making me sick!

    You all need to get a life!

  104. This is such a garbage accusation. First of all, she would have doctor vists and the actual birth had to take place at a hospital. Its so easy to prove this as trash. Move on.

    OH WAIT!!! I know what this is…..its a repeat of you idiots accusing McCain of having a black love child who REALLY is a girl they adopted from Bangladesh! Another lie by the libs. This makes you look stupid.

  105. If true (hypothetically-speaking in other words), perhaps this points to the, in her mind, greater fear of her teenage daughter getting pregnant 'out of wedlock,' being known than the extremely risky attempt to pull off the charade that is actually more common especially in the past that one would believe. Okay, that said… lets wait and see before speaking definitively.

    PS I'm not a conspiracy kook, but I'm just wondering what the Buchananites of the old-school GOP (paleo-cons) will say about the Israeli flag in the Governer's office? It's a small one, like one you would wave at a rally, but I don't know, it seems a little oddly out of place. Watch the video, you can see it as the interview finishes in her office.

  106. Hiding your teenager's pregnancy and pretending it is your own child never works. As a matter of fact it teaches your child how to lie and to be ashamed of their mistakes. Also the family will never properly resolve the problem and the pregnancy will always loom over them whenever the children have to introduce the child as their "brother" and the parents have to introduce him as their "son".

    Trust me I know more than I ever want to know about this issue and it is a ROYAL NIGHTMARE.

    IF this is true then this woman isn't protecting anything but her image and isn't deserving of any public office!

  107. This was absolutely the WRONG thing to do if it's true. It's a lie and it's covering up for the mother's political needs. There is no reason her daughter has any reason to be ashamed and her mother shouldn't have made her feel as if she should have. The timing of the pregnancy announcement, the flying 11 hours with broken waters, and returning to work 3 days after the birth of a special needs child are not adding up. I feel very sad for her daughter either way.

  108. Did Palin force her own minor daughter to carry a Down's Syndrome child to term? She's enough of a religious freak to do just that.

    Palin believes that birth control pills and IUDs should be illegal. This woman is anti-woman. McCain is an idiot if he thinks any Hillary supporter is this stupid.

  109. Why not take more trouble to hide the kid's pregnancy? How about (1) the arrogance of power, combined with (2) the knowledge that this is not such an uncommon practice, and that under the vast majority of circumstances, everyone will simply turn a blind eye?

  110. And did you know that the baby the McCain's SAID they adopted from Mother Teresa's orphanage was actually McCain's mulatto child?

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  111. If this is true it raises a LOT of questions! A woman who says that abortion is wrong even in cases of incest or rape, and who says that she would want her daughter to have a child even if she were raped….THEN, this Down's Syndrome child? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? All I know is 44 year old Mom's often have children with birth defects but teen moms very seldom do….EXCEPT in cases of incest

  112. IF she was pregnant and they were trying to hide it, they wouldn't have taken this picture. They would have had Bristol wearing a looser shirt while Mrs Palin might have worn something to show a pregnancy.

  113. Interesting. Hard to say if it's true, but I ask you this….why was the daughter Bristol holding the baby at the Friday rally? Why wasn't the dad holding the baby? He was sitting right there next to the littlest girl.

    And here's why it matters. Sarah Palin supports policies that would take away a woman's right to choose – even in the case of rape and incest. She supports abstinence only education (if her daughter had the baby, she's not practicing what her mother preaches, is she?).

    It matters because if she becomes VP and McCain dies, she might have the opportunity to appoint Supreme Court Justices who might roll back more reproductive rights.

    It matters because people with stringent views like Palin's don't just stop at making abortion illegal. They are also going after contraception. And funding for contraception.

    It matters because Sarah Palin doesn't have her own house in order – based on her own definitions and still she thinks it's okay for the government to control our sex lives.

    That's why, if it's true, it matters.

    Here's a picture from Friday.

  114. wow…why something so elaborate and unique as this for a rumor? It does weigh into personal vs political interests. This would seem a major collaboration/ conspiracy if true even for the right reasons. People have to make up their minds about the officials who serve us because they are not perfect, as well as those around them. Do we make mistakes or have problems by omission or comission, or both?

  115. If this rumour proves to be true then it will clearly signal the end of John McCain's campaign.

    But if it is false, will you publicly apologize for trying to smear a candidate's child, let alone the candidate herself? If not, does that mean you're advocating similar smear tactics be used on Barack Obama's two daughters?

    I'm most curious.

  116. I've been following this story since i live in Alaska.

    It is very dangerous for a woman who is 'leaking amniotic fluid' to get on an airplane because the sudden change in atmospheric pressure can cause the bag of waters to rupture.

    Why would someone with a KNOWN special-needs baby jeopardize the baby, herself, and possibly a plane full of passengers while keeping the flight crew clueless as to her condition by suddenly 'flying home to Alaska' and then driving from a large city with adequate neonatal care facilities to a small town with a rural medical center to deliver her baby?

    It does NOT make sense, especially for a fifth baby being born to a high risk (due to age) mother.

    Sorry but those are the facts. Very poor judgement involved regardless of how the story resolves itself. I think the child is Bristol's, and it horrifies me that her mother has appropriated it for herself. Scary stuff.

  117. Protecting her daughter…or protecting her interests? She's antiabortion so she wouldn't let the girl go that route, but having her daughter become a teen mother wouldn't have looked very good for a now-high-profile conservative political candidate.

  118. Admittedly this is all just rumor and speculation at this point and no one should try to portray it as fact…yet. But those who say it is a "private matter" need to remember that this is not a private person. Sarah Palin chose to throw her hat into the VP ring and these rumors need to either be confirmed or debunked. That will only happen if we keep talking about them and it matters because it goes to her veracity, to her position on reproductive rights, her family values, her claims to morale nobility and promise of transparency in government, it very much matters, so let the facts come out and then we can decide how we all view them.

  119. "Protecting" her daughter? By presenting a false story to the world about the baby's origins, using this false story as part of her campaign bio to win the approbation of right to lifers, and then exposing her daughter to public ridicule when, inevitably, the cover-up unravels under the public scrutiny of her selection as VP?

    A political opportunity she could have turned down for "personal reasons," right? If she wanted to shield her family from prying eyes.

    Doesn't sound like she's had her daughters interests at heart at all if this stuff proves out. Sounds like raw and naked personal ambition, using the baby as a prop. After all, there is a big difference from choosing to have a Down's baby yourself and choosing for your 16 year old daughter to have one, no?

    Her daugher will be humiliated on an unimaginable scale if this is true, and all Ms. Palin's claims to "integrity" will fall apart overnight. This was a protracted cover-up, full of phoney photo-ops etc.

    And by the way, in response to the person who says the family pohto is from 2006: untrue, it's a gubernatorial publicity shot and she didn't hold the office till 2007. And take a look at the "nature" shot of the family, where Bristol looks even more pregnant.

  120. So seriously…if you were a pregnant teenager and your posing for a picture with your family don't you think that Bristol might be the one hiding behind Willow? And would you (with all of the maternity style day to day clothing out there right now) wear a tight fitting sweater to show off your baby bump??

    Get real people! Sarah is an incrediable women who has repaired political chaos in Wasilla, Alaska. I'd really like to know who these supposed "people in the know" are. I attend church at Wasilla Bible Church where the Palin family also holds their membership and my husband knows Todd quite well. I AM an Alaskan in the know. Go smear someone else!

  121. I think it matters if she is misleading the american people to think she had the baby. Maybe she did not find out until her daughter was 5 months and panicked and chose to protect her daughter from public or church scrutiny–but she is a grown woman and holds a very public office that requires honesty even in unexpected situations. Covering up the situation only leads to more lies on top of lies and sleepless nights. Eventually when the truth does come out you find out that you could have avoided this by simply being honest and since she is a woman of faith–let God work out the details. Now that she will possibly hold the VP spot in Washington, if the truth gets out the American people will not trust her as VP or President in the face of adversity because the last thing we need is more people in office who spend more time trying to keep the covers on the truth to protect a lie.

  122. Mr. Moron,

    Next time don't waste your time looking for stories that you don't care about. It appears you have lost time out of your life for this. I am terribly sorry.

  123. come on really? Its none of our business? Is she trying to protect her daughter or her own public image? As a right wing nut job she is all for abstinence only programs, but lets see if she taught her own kids how to not get knocked up… I think this is the perfect opportunity for her to turn against abstinence only programs to show us how little they actually work and how ineffective they really are.

  124. This is only anyone's business because this woman is going to be next in line to a 73 year old president with a history of health problems! My initial thought was seeing this woman–who wears her motherhood like a badge of honor– leaving her little 4 month old Downs Syndrome baby behind, while she pursues her ambition. Nice conservative family values. This certainly changes things, although it makes this poor child need her all the more. For that matter, her 16 year old daughter does not look happy in these photos. It looks to me like Governor Palin might want to consider staying closer to home, and mothering her children. I am all for reproductive freedom, but with that comes the personal responsibility to parent and care for the children you create.

  125. This is totally a sad story, if true.

    You know, on some level, it was probably the right thing to do. In fact, if I was the daughter, I'd wish I had a mom as awesome as that. But it was, legally, not the right thing to do, and politically, a suicidal thing to do.

    1] If true, then fraud and conspiracy has almost undoubtedly been committed on a number of levels. (Conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, for example, if not insurance fraud itself. I can think of a few other related crimes.) Sarah, her daughter, and her husband are all implicated.

    2] It is a sad statement on the Republican positions when it comes to health care and also the poor. The welfare benefits are so poor that even a political officer holder is pressured to commit all sorts of fraud so that her grandchild can receive the treatment he deserves. Wow. Even the well connected can't properly cope with real-world welfare and health care issues.

    3] And in the bigger political picture, it goes back to judgement. McCain exercised poor judgement in selecting a VP candidate who is not ready to assume the role as Vice President. Worse, he was deceived concerning this whole incident. Now you may say, "but it wasn't his fault. Everyone told him things were okay." Yup. And as long as the Russians and the Chinese tell him that everything is okay, he'll exercise the same level of judgement.

    I halfway wonder if Karl Rove isn't in the background, whispering sweet nothings into the ears at McCain's staff, trying to throw the election. Who wants to be stuck cleaning up George W. Bush's legacy?

    Ouch. Sad! I hope this story is quickly discredited, though. It is awful.

  126. "Sources are saying…?"

    Which "sources?" A Daily Kos blog post? A nincompoop on the left who simply wants to smear an opponent?

    Jesus Christ what an idiot you are.

  127. my understanding is that the family photo is from 2006. Logically the teen girl would be kept on the down low and they wouldn't be posing for pictures. She had to go out though because of her job. And there are photos later in her pregnancy out there that were scrubbed from the alaska gov web site…

    here's some 7 1/2 month pregnant images:


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