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Bigfoot’s body was found in Georgia, and the Bigfoot live press conference with the group, Searching for Bigfoot, was just held today. We have updates of the bigfoot live press conference and video below! Bigfoot was found by Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer. Bigfoot hunters have been searching for bigfoot and it makes you wonder, could this be real? See photos of bigfoot’s body and the bigfoot video and live news conference video below from CNN, as well as updated information from news conference! We also have the new bigfoot pictures below!

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Update: The bigfoot live press conference with Tom Biscardi, Matt Whitton, and Rick Dyer just ended and here are the bigfoot updates and information from the press conference. You can view the bigfoot live press conference video below, as well as the new bigfoot pictures above. And here is the full press release on bigfoot in a previous post here.

  • North Georgia men say they stumbled upon body while hiking in forest
  • They also claim to have spotted three similar living creatures
  • The body of the furry half man-half ape is 7 feet, 7 inches tall, they say
  • Men won’t reveal Bigfoot den’s location because they don’t want others disturbed

Tom Biscardi says they will have scientists there on Monday to perform an autopsy on the creature. Tom Biscardi says they want to locate one of the living bigfoot creatures, and want to put a transmitter in it and release it. Biscardi seems annoyed during the conference, with all the skepticism.

Curt Nelson, a research scientist, of the University of Minnesota is conducting the DNA tests. Nelson of the University of Minnesota is the one that received the tissue samples, and is conducting the DNA testing. Nelson is also said to have an interest in bigfoot.

DNA test results thus far from Curt Nelson of Minnesota:

One test came back inconclusive, second came back as human, and third sample from intestines came back as a possum (probably from what it had eaten). Igor and Demetri from Russia are flying in next week to view the bigfoot body.

Matthew Whitton said they spotted the creature, unarmed, from about 50 feet away and were shocked. Matt Whitton said they found the bigfoot body in Georgia around June 10th. Whitton said they set up a website called and thought about giving tours in Georgia to view a bigfoot creature, before this story became huge news around the world. The men had a camera with them but were unarmed. Matt Whitton said they did not have guns and found the creature dead but did not appear to be injured. But it’s insides were hanging out, maybe from birds of prey?

“We were not looking for Bigfoot. … We wouldn’t know what we were doing if we did,” said Whitton, a police officer on leave after being shot in the hand while making an arrest. “I didn’t believe in Bigfoot at the time. … But you’ve got to come to terms with it and realize you’ve got something special. And that’s what it was.”

The men say they were hiking in early June when they discovered the body of a 7-foot-7, 500-pound half-ape, half-human creature near a stream. They also claim to have spotted about three similar living creatures — and showed reporters video stills of what they say is one of those creatures shadowing them through the woods.

Rick Dyer said three people total drug the bigfoot from the woods and loaded on his tow truck. The men said they didn’t know who to call after the discovery. The men put the body in the freezer and covered it with water, not really knowing what to do!

Tom Biscardi holds up a photo, not seen before, of a bigfoot creature that they also spotted that was alive and walking away. The men discovered what they believe is a “den” of bigfoot creatures there in Georgia. Tom Biscardi added that the bigfoot was “definitely” a male, making you wonder… just how big is bigfoot’s dong?

Before the end of the bigfoot press conference, Tom Biscardi passed out photos of bigfoot as well as DNA test results that have been done to the press.

A group of bigfoot or sasquatch hunters are holding a press conference in Palo Alto, California today to prove what they say is DNA and photo evidence of a bigfoot carcass found in northern Georgia. Very exciting! You can see the bigfoot video below post.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, a pair of Bigfoot-hunting hobbyists from north Georgia, say they found bigfoot’s body in the woods and also saw several similar creatures that were still alive.

“It was very frightening at first,” said Rick Dyer, 31, a former corrections officer who “” coincidentally “” runs a business that offers Bigfoot tours. “And it got even more frightening when you saw the others.”

Indeed, Mr. Dyer said he and his partner, Matthew Whitton, saw three more of the beasts nearby as they dragged the body of said creature out of the woods. Moreover, Mr. Dyer says he has video clips and photographs to prove it.

One photograph provided to the news media showed what resembled a gorilla “” or maybe an old sheepskin rug “” lying twisted in a freezer, with a dollop of intestines protruding from its belly.

“There’s a lot of comment being made that it looks fake, or it looks like a suit,” Mr. Dyer said. “But these people wasn’t there when I was sweating, pulling this thing through the woods.”

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer say bigfoot is over 7’7″ tall, weighing 500 pounds and male. Bigfoot has red hair, black-grey eyes and feet measuring 16 3/4 inches long.

The men will not give the exact location of their discovery to protect the remaining creatures.

Tom Nelson, chairman of the biology department at North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, said he’s “pretty skeptical” that we will actually see bigfoot today.

“That would certainly rock mammalogy,” joked Nelson, who specializes in the study of mammals. “I see a research grant in my future.”

Speaking on podcast on searchingforbigfoot, one of the men said it took them approximately a day and a half to drag the carcass from the woods before storing it in a freezer.

During Friday’s press conference, photo and DNA evidence will apparently be presented that will convince the skeptics that the bigfoot creature does exist.

As for the bigfoot body, Tom Biscardi, known as ‘the real Bigfoot Hunter,” said it has been taken to an undisclosed location where anthropologists, paleontologists and a variety of scientists will conduct extensive tests to be released in the near future.

“The only person we would allow to come down and verify the body was ‘the Real Bigfoot Hunter,’ Tom Biscardi,” Dyer said, referring to Searching for Bigfoot’s CEO, who has been looking for the elusive, legendary creature in the United States and Canada since 1971.

Whitton and Dyer plan to unveil what they say is DNA and photo evidence of the discovery in Palo Alto, California, with a group called Searching for Bigfoot Inc.

The released photo appears to be the body of a large, hairy creature with an ape-like face, stuffed into a large freezer.

DNA tests on the body have begun, said the statement, and “extensive scientific studies” will be done on the body by scientists, including a molecular biologist, an anthropologist and a paleontologist.

Nelson, the university professor, acknowledged that new species of animals have been discovered in recent decades and that, in science, “we always acknowledge the possibility of something new.”

But he said that even in north Georgia, home to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the foot of the Appalachian Trail, it stretches the imagination to think a family of 7-foot-tall creatures could have eluded hunters, hikers and creeping development until now.

“To the average person, these places just seem like extreme wilderness where you’ll find lions and tigers and bears,” he said. “The reality is that you’re never more than a mile from a road.”

This is so interesting! Here’s videos from the press conference about bigfoot held today:


  1. You guys do realize this was proven to be a hoax and the guy who supposedly found the thing admitted to having intentionally fake the whole thing

  2. hey why is everything being conducted so secretively,,also you only let 1 person see the bigfoot,,why not let the world see what you claim to have,,this looks like a hoax to me so far,,you need to get out some credible evidence and stop having press conf,,please show us something credible please,,,41 years of bigfoot stories it is time for some closure

  3. Thank you Mick! You have a nice weekend too! Personally I think Bigfoot could be real, who knows? Guess we'll find out soon after the testing and autopsy have been completed.

  4. Hey Monya, Thanks and have a good weekend! Hey Gerard, I guess it is childish, but we are talking about Bigfoot and the website is called stupid celebrities gossip. Have a good weekend Gerard and happy Bigfoot hunting!!

  5. Hey Mick! Yes, that one photo was an older bigfoot photo. You were correct! But I updated with new photos so took the old one down. Thanks for your comments!

  6. The thumbnail picture of the live bigfoot at the top of this page is from Roger Pattersons 1967 hoax, it is the cover of Greg Long's book called the making of bigfoot.Just google BIGFOOT HOAX and look at the images.


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