Beyonce Knowles’ controversial ad for L’Oreal.


Beyonce Knowles had signed a contract with L’Oreal and promised not to change her appearance. It came as a surprise that L’Oreal has changed Beyonce.

Beyonce’s latest L’Oreal ad campaign showed her with pale skin and blonde hair. Beyonce’s hair color could an advertisement for the Feria highlighting kit for hair. Her complexion looked many shades lighter than her normal skin tone.

L’Oreal has been accused of using digital enhancement to lighten her skin. The New York Post, TMZ and some hundreds of readers have criticized L’Oreal and Beyonce for not being true.

Beyonce’s spokesman refused to comment on the L’Oreal ad. L’Oreal has denied altering Beyonce’s features in the ad.

Source: news

Pics: WENN


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