Artie Lange Enters Rehab


    Artie Lange has entered rehab!   Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show has been MIA recently. Has Artie Lange fallen off the wagon again? Yes! As we thought, Artie Lange is in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse!

    Update to Artie Lange:

    Howard Stern’s sidekick Artie Lange is in rehab. Artie Lange has always overindulged in food, drugs and alcohol, was scheduled to attend close friend, Bob Saget’s Comedy Central roast on Sunday night, but never made it to LA.

    Instead, Artie Lange checked himself into an intensive outpatient rehab program. A source said Lange “felt awful for not being there for Bob, but needed to make his health a priority.”

    Artie Lange also canceled his stand-up shows this weekend, but plans to return to his regular gig on Stern’s Sirius radio show when it returns from hiatus.

    Artie Lange’s rep, Lewis Kay confirmed the news.

    Howard 100 News reported this morning that Artie Lange was a “no show” in Los Angeles over the weekend for the Bob Saget roast.

    Now Bob Levy’s wife has posted on the Stern Fan Network that Artie has canceled his gigs for this upcoming weekend, which would be a gig for Levy in PA and a weekend gig at the new MGM Grand at Foxwoods in CT.

    A short biography of Artie Lange:

    After Lange served a short jail term and successfully completed a drug rehab program, comedian Norm Macdonald offered him a part in the movie “Dirty Work”. While promoting the movie, McDonald brought Lange to The Howard Stern Show. Lange appeared on the show several times after, and was eventually asked to take over Jackie Martling’s chair when Martling left the Stern Show in 2001.

    Since Lange joined the show, Stern has often teased him for his eating habits, his role in the poorly-received movie Dirty Work, and his lack of professionalism. Stern also makes a point to praise Lange’s comedic talents. Stern and his staff have commented that Lange’s life is a sort of perpetual adolescence; his mother delivers food parcels and cleans his apartment, he continually gorges himself on pizza and other fattening foods, and his past drunken binges are legendary among Stern fans.

    In early June of 2005, Lange began missing work at the Howard Stern Show, prompting concerns of a possible relapse of past drug abuse. They noticed Artie Lange behaving incoherently and belligerently on-the-air. He infamously sneered at Stern and crew that: “Artie’s gotta do what Artie’s gotta do!” Stern later commented that this statement had scared him. Lange missed the entire week of work.

    At the time, Lange’s absence from the show went largely unmentioned and was written off as stress from doing the radio show and beginning production of his movie Beer League. The real reason for Lange’s absence was revealed in a spontaneous revelation on the September 2006 episode, on which Lange acknowledged that he was regularly snorting heroin for year.

    Lange discussed past episodes of heroin use, beginning when he was a stand-up comedian and continuing until Beer League was set to begin shooting. Lange detailed his painful withdrawal, which included common side effects such as cold sweats, shaking and vomiting.

    Lange recalled disconnecting the telephone to avoid speaking to his mother, who ultimately intervened to help him recover. After starting some medication, Lange has claimed to be free of any illegal substances, though he has gained almost 100 lb (45 kg) since quitting heroin.

    In April 2008, Artie Lange walked off The Howard Stern Show after an on-air argument and subsequent outburst at his personal assistant, Teddy, resulting in a physical altercation. Lange expressed his disdain for his assistant of nearly two years because of recent money issues. Later in the broadcast Lange returned to apologize and tender his resignation, which Stern accepted.

    The last thing Lange said to Stern before his departure on April 16, 2008 was, “I’m not a good person…I gotta leave…I love you.” Atypically, the show was not re-broadcast on Howard 100 that day (normally during the week the full 6 hours of The Howard Stern Show are replayed around the clock starting at 12 PM, 6 PM and 12 AM). Tim Sabean (Sirius Program Manager) when interviewed by the Howard 100 news program stated that they have not yet decided on the fate of Artie’s future on the Howard Stern Show.

    On April 21, 2008 Lange did in fact return to the Howard Stern Show. He apologized for his behavior and took full responsibility. It was revealed that Sirius was allowing him to continue, but that another infraction would end his employment.

    In Artie Lange’s personal life, he frequently discussed his on-again/off-again relationship with longtime girlfriend Dana Sirone after they began dating in early spring of 2002. Most of the couple’s problems stemmed from Lange’s lifestyle.

    In mid-2006 Lange declared that the couple had officially broken up, for which Lange cited his heroin abuse as the primary reason, and claimed to have warned her that she would be “tortured” if they stayed together.

    However, Lange announced on an early Nov. 2006, Stern Show that he and Sironi were again together to some extent, but that the situation was a mystery even to him. The couple broke up in early 2007, but began dating again until Jan 2008, when Vinnie Favale from the David Letterman Show accidentally emailed Dana the itinerary for the night of Artie’s appearance. The email contained the details of the reservations Vinnie made for Artie and three Penthouse pets at a hotel and the Penthouse club. They have since parted ways.

    So what is going on with Artie Lange? No reasons have been given yet but makes you wonder if Artie Lange has relapsed and is back to his old ways again?

    Story is developing…

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    1. Bob Levy’s “wife” is a cyberstalking groupie who is not to be believed. She delights in pretending to know things and loves to make bullshit posts pretending that she’s now good friends with Howard and Artie. Where did she meet Bob Levy? On the SternFanNetwork! She followed him around clubs and, being a not-too-bright addict, he fell for it.


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