Andreas Krieger Says Steroids Turned Him From Woman To Man (Photos)


In the eighties, Heidi Krieger won tons of Olympic medals in shot put for her country of East Germany. Krieger took what she was told were “vitamins”, that were actually steroids, that turned Heidi into a man. She went from Heidi Krieger to Andreas Krieger. Crazy huh?

Heidi Krieger became Andreas Krieger in a sex change operation in 1997. Krieger’s body had been fed so many steroids that she began having problems, both physical and emotional.

Heidi Krieger’s body began to change, as did the way she felt. “I felt much more attracted to women and just felt like a man. But I knew I was not lesbian,” Krieger told CNN.

Heidi’s coaches said they were just giving her vitamins, but they were actually feeding her Oral-Turinabol anabolic steroids.

Sources state that over 10,000 East German athletes were given steroids unknowingly. During that time in the eighties, Germany was one of the most successful countries in the Olympics. Now we know why!

Andreas Krieger has married and currently runs an army/navy surplus store. Krieger says he made his own decisions and does not wish to be viewed as a victim.

These days Krieger views the Olympic medals as “doping medals” and worries that all the pressure will cause other Olympic athletes to consider steroids.

“If today’s athletes say they want to take the risk, they really don’t know what risk they are taking,” he said.

That’s a sad story but honestly, the “before” photos of Heidi Krieger still looked like a dude!

Images: News

Source: news


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