America Ferrera & Blake Lively “The Soup” Clip: Ferrera Wants To Slap Blake Lively


“The Soup” had this funny clip from “Good Day LA” of America Ferrera and Blake Lively promoting their movie, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2”. As the subject goes to “Gossip Girl”, America Ferrera looks like she wants to “bitch slap” giddy Blake Lively.

During an interview to promote their new movie, the interviewer at Good Day asked Blake about “Gossip Girl” and America Ferrara’s facial expressions are just hilarious.

America Ferrera starts out with just taking her frustrations out on her fingers and then she can’t take it anymore, and gives Blake Lively the evil side-eye plus the eye-roll.

Was America Ferrera just jealous they were talking about “Gossip Girl” and not asking about “Ugly Betty”? Or does she just hate Blake Lively?

What do you guys think, see clip from “The Soup” of America Ferrera and Blake Lively below:


  1. America Ferrera is an amazing role model and its not that she is jealous that the conversation went to gossip girl because they talked about America and what she is doing alot alot more then what ever Blake has to say. America definitely talked more. If you listen to what they are saying America is also rolling her eyes at what Blake is talking about. I mean come on. Gossip girls? Your a joke if you take it seriously. Anyone who is obsessed with it is only obsessed with an imaginary world in which they wish they lived. Get a life wanna be's.

  2. I love GG and Lively (Meester more even more!), but I have to agree with Ferrera (And no, I've never seen Ugly Betty). They were there promote Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, not Gossip Girl. I'm kind of disappointed in Blake. It was very unprofessional of her.

  3. i look like america ferrera but i love blake lively, not that i wanna look like her. but she's a great actress, having seen her as serena in GG and Bridget in the sisterhood. however, america just looked plainly jealous.


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