Aerosmiths’ Steven Tyler’s Daughter Mia Tyler Suicidal (Photos)


Mia Tyler, plus-sized model and daughter to rocker Steven Tyler, speaks out on how she almost took her own life. Mia has written a candid autobiography called “Creating Myself.”

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Mia Tyler, Steven Tyler’s daughter as well as half-sister to actress Liv Tyler, speaks openly about her depression and contemplation of suicide. Mia also speaks candidly about her road to learning to love herself.

“I felt like I was so lost and there was no way out and I was tired of being lonely,” she tells ET’s Thea Andrews. “I was really on the edge and I was ready to do it and I wasn’t scared.”

Mia Tyler has recently written a very telling autobiography called “Creating Myself”, in which she speaks of her life growing up in a rock n’ roll family.

Mia also talks openly about her struggles with depression and how she sat on the edge of a balcony in Hollywood Hills, ready to take her own life.

“I remember sitting on that balcony and, for the first time, I just didn’t care and that’s when I really knew I was in trouble, because I didn’t care about other people,” she admits.

Mia Tyler also admits in her book about her addiction to cutting, in which you cut yourself and feel a relief.

“Cutting is like doing a drug,” Mia says. “You cut yourself and there’s a moment where you don’t feel anything, then the blood rushes and you feel alive “¦ I was a secret cutter. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good, so I didn’t want people to see, so I started getting tattoos to cover my scars.”

Mia, who is very successful at being a plus-sized model, making between $20,000-$30,000 per photo shoot, says she still battles the “want” to cut herself even now.

It’s nice to see someone with celebrity status speaking out on these “hidden” issues that plague so many people. Check out Mia’s book “Creating Myself” for more of her life’s story, in stores August 26th.

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