“40 Year Old Virgin” Actor Shelley Malil Arrested For Stabbing Girlfriend Kendra Beebe (Photos)


Shelley Malil (photos), the actor that played Haziz in the movie “40 Year Old Virgin” was arrested for stabbing his girlfriend, Kendra Beebe in San Marcos, CA. Shelley Malil stabbed his girlfriend, Kendra Beebe and was charged with attempted murder. See Shelley Malil photos and updates after the bump! UPDATE! New charges for Shelley Malil in new post here.

Shelley Malil, an Indian actor has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend at her home. Malil was arrested at a local Amtrak station near 6 p.m. Malil was arrested and charged with attempted murder of girlfriend or ex-girlfriend Kendra Beebe.

The Latest:

New charges are filed, but bail reduced for Shelley Malil. See the latest here.

Kendra Beebe, who was stabbed more than 20 times by Shelley Malil, has been on the “other side” of a knife apparently. According to the declaration of Chetwyn Archer, Beebe and Archer, who were married with two kids, got into a serious argument at their home. He says during the argument, “Kendra got a kitchen knife and cut me on my arm.”

Police were called and she was arrested, but no charges were filed. According to documents we obtained, Beebe says she walked out of the house and Archer cut himself.

Archer obtained a domestic violence restraining order three days later. According to his declaration, prior to the incident, Beebe had enrolled voluntarily in an anger management course. She also attended an anger management course after the arrest.


Shelley Malil remains in jail and his bond is set at $2 million! New reports state Malil fled the attack scene and had hopped on a train going from San Diego to Los Angeles. Apparently Shelley Malil was on the phone with family attempting to convince him to turn himself in to police. But police were waiting and arrested him in Oceanside, CA. Also TMZ just reported that the stabbing victim was Kendra Beebe. Neighbors stated that Kendra Beebe and Shelley Malil were together just Sunday morning going to the beach with her children. We’ll keep you updated!

Earlier news on Malil:

The Sheriff’s Department of San Diego stated the stabbing occurred sometime before 9 p.m. in San Marcos, CA. Shelley Malil came to the ex-girlfriend’s house and found her in her backyard with another man.

Malil grabbed a knife and stabbed his ex-girlfriend repeatedly and then chased her in her home. The male there with the ex-girlfriend was also stabbed in the hand as he tried to stop the attack.

One of the ex-girlfriends neighbors said she heard screaming and that Malil had stabbed the woman at least 20 times. The neighbor also said the lady was a mother to two children that were present at the home during the attack.

Another neighbor, Ms. Lee said she saw Shelley Malil leave the scene and found her neighbor badly injured and helped apply pressure to stop the blood flow.

“Her chin was almost entirely cut off. She had a huge gash in her arm that looked like a really deep wound that was bleeding profusely,” Lee said. “She asked me to hold her and I could feel a lot of gashes in her back as well.”

The victim is currently said to be in critical condition, but police believe she will survive.

Actor Shelley Malil had a big break when he played “Chad” in the Budweiser “Wassup” commercials. Malil has also been in Seinfeld, NYPD Blue, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Party Of Five, The West Wing and The Jamie Foxx Show.

Many of us remember Shelley Malil best for his role as “Haziz” in the movie “40 Year Old Virgin”.

We all understand jealousy but damn! That’s sick!

You can read more about Shelley Malil on the site IMDB.com here.

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  1. Everyone is reporting this guy was in the 40 year old virgin but is it even true? What was he, an extra? Did he even have a speaking line?


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