What The Hell Happened To Madonna’s Face?


Madonna normally looks awesome, especially for a woman approaching 50. But Madonna was spotted at the Kabbalah center looking very strange. Has stress from her marriage taken it’s toll on Madonna’s face?

Madonna out and about with no make-up recently, showing the stress of her marriage in her face, and appears to be drastic weight loss as well.

Madonna was seen holding hands with her daughter Lourdes as they left a Kabbalah centre in New York, wearing a T-shirt which exposed the veins standing out on her arms from endless workouts.

Her swollen face prompts speculation that she has had some “cosmetic work” done.

Madonna keeps quiet about cosmetic surgery, saying: ‘I am certainly not against plastic surgery; however, I am absolutely against having to discuss it.’

The Daily News UK reports Harley Street plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni said: “In my opinion, it is likely she has had filler in her cheeks because they are so full. There is no loose skin at the jawline which is also extremely unusual for someone her age. Typically, that is something we achieve through a lower facelift.”

“She always had nice eyes and high cheekbones, so if anything has been done I think she’s trying to enhance her existing good parts and had some areas tightened.”

Madonna turns 50 on August 16th, and truly looks great for her age. A friend of Madonna’s was quoted as saying, “She’s been having work done since her 30s, but in the past year she’s really stepped it up, which is worrying.”

So do you guys think Madonna has had work done on her face recently or that stress has taken it’s toll on her face?

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