Top 10 list of InTouch Weekly’s 2008 Best Breast poll.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was criticized by Pamela Anderson for wearing a T shirt with the slogan, “Real Girls Eat Meat.” Jessica has gotten her revenge by beating Pamela and clinching the top spot in the InTouch Weekly’s 2008 Best Breast poll.

Pamela was known to have a generous amount of cosmetic surgery done on her breasts and she did not make it to this list. She criticized Jessica on Australian radio for her “Real Girls Eat Meat” T shirt.

Pamela was in Australia to shoot some scenes for their local Big Brother show. She was asked to spice up the show, may be strip for the camera and teach the house mates some tricks of the trade.

The list for the top ten Best Breast poll is below.

1) Jessica Simpson

2) Tyra Banks

3) Scarlett Johansson

4) Carmen Electra

5) Lindsay Lohan

6) Katherine Heigl

7) Audrina Patridge

8. Jennifer Aniston

9) Megan Fox

10) Beyonce Knowles

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