Tila Tequila’s Shot at Love Finale: Tila Tequila Gets Rejected!


Tila Tequila\'s Shot at Love Finale, she gets rejected!

On a “Shot at Love 2” with Tila Tequila, the season finale, things don’t end well for Tila when she gets rejected.

Earlier in the beginning of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, 30 people came onto the show, some looking for love and others for fame. After many explicit sexual challenges, Tila narrows it down to either sexy Kristy or Bo.

The two finalists, Kristy and Bo, get one last challenge. There are two giant blocks of ice in the foyer, each has a heart in the middle. Their challenge is to melt the ice with their bodies. Tila Tequila offers help in the form of their best friends from back home. The team that wins gets extra time with Tequila in a private strip club. Kristy decides to rub her butt on the ice which helps distract one of Bo’s guy friends. Bo’s other buddy blows on the ice to melt it, while Bo puts his butt on the ice chunk to melt it. How exciting!

Bo ends up winning the challenge, as Tila Tequila tries to get a little dirt on “Bo Bear”, but ends up empty handed. Bo and the guys start grinding all over Tila Tequila, but the ladies bust in and take over. Kristy’s friends are just as reluctant to give any “dirty laundry” on their buddy, and the friends are sent home.

On the last day before the final elimination ceremony, each of the finalists go on a date with Tila. She takes Bo to a room in the mansion made up to look like a sports bar. At this time Bo is still wearing his hospital bracelet from his surgery and will take it off and give it to Tila when she chooses him. Bo struggles a bit, then says, “I love Tila Tequila.” It was strange to hear it in the third person but basically makes sense as he loves the Tila Tequila persona, and not the true person.

Then it’s Kristy’s turn and she openly expresses her fears about not having had a serious relationship with another woman. She doesn’t want to disappoint Tila. The two share an emotional moment as they open up a bit to each other.

Tila stands by the pool and pretends that this decision is for keeps, whereas we all know the relationship will crash and burn in a few weeks to set the stage for A Shot at Love 3 with Tila Tequila. On the limo ride to the pool, Kristy gets extremely nervous and begins to question whether she wants a man or a woman. Ha!

After some long, drawn out montages, it is elimination time! Bo makes the slow walk to Tila. After a long speech, Tila Tequila lets Bo know that his shot at love has now ended. He takes off his medical bracelet and drops it on the floor.

Kristy arrives and makes her own slow walk to Tila. You can see she is really nervous. Tila gets emotional about having her heart broken before. Tila Tequila then tells Kristy she’s giving her a shot at love if interested. However, Kristy cries as she says she’s not ready for this, so she turns the key down!

So here Tila chooses Kristy, only to be turned down! Tila begins crying and asking why she would do this to her? Kristy just says she is too confused and she wouldn’t be true to herself if she accepted the key. Tila feels humiliated and walks off, crying the whole time. She doesn’t understand what she’s doing wrong and why she keeps getting her heart broken.

Talk about an interesting ending! You can see the finale video here.

Tila Tequila gets heartbroken on Shot at Love FinaleTila Tequila gets heartbroken on Shot at Love FinaleTila Tequila gets heartbroken on Shot at Love FinaleBo \Kristy rejects Tila from Tila Tequila\'s Shot at Love Finale

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