Tickle Me Pink’s Johnny Schou was found dead.


Tickle Me Pink – Johnny Schou is the first on the left.

Johnny Schou, 22,the bassist for the band Tickle Me Pink, has been found dead this morning, on July 1. This was a terrible blow as the band has just released their debut album on this very same day.

Johnny Schou was the bassist, guitarist and songwriter for Tickle Me Pink. He was found dead a few hours before his band was scheduled to promote their album, “Madeline”, at a Denver store.

Tickle Me Pink had finished a set of Warped Tour dates. They had planned to tour again with Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Finch. The destination would be Atlanta’s Masquerade Music Park on Sept. 11. The band’s official messages state that their plans and tour dates will be updated later. No other information on the cause of death was released.

Johnny Schou,


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  1. i cant even believe.

    saw him on his birthday in foco…and just this saturday, day before warped tour…

    R.I.P. Johnny

    you will be missed….


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