The James Brown collectibles auction.


James Brown memorabilia will be auctioned by Christie’s next week. The items will include colorful costumes and handwritten lyrics.

One special item is a blue denim jumpsuit that James Brown wore for his concert in 1974. This performance preceded the event called “Rumble in the Jungle” between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Zaire, Africa. This piece is anticipated to sell at a price around $5000 ““ 7000.

James Brown was one of the most influential figures in music for the era between 1956 and 2006. Most of the 320 items listed in the auction were from James Brown’s South Carolina home. Many rock and roll fans and collectors were expected to attend the auction.

Source: news

Pics: WENN


  1. I have a photo of James Brown from 1968. It is a group photo in which he is next to my step-grandfather Elmer Fudpucker, Merle Kilgore, and Mack Vickery.There are two actual photos and about 10 copies with their names underneath with the date, 1968. I also have 4 orinal photos taken by Elmer of Jerry Lee Lewis. Tow of him performing in about his late 40s and two of him in/around his 60s. If you can help my get these appraised that would be fabulous. Thank You for your time, Heather Pfau


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