Tempest Storm Stripper Photos: 80 Year Old Stripper Still Working It!


Tempest Storm 80 Year Old Stripper in Vegas, still working!

Tempest Storm is an 80 year old stripper still performing in Vegas. Storm is a Vegas burlesque star and actress.

Tempest Storm is still performing in Vegas, doing her stripping routine at the age of 80!

Tempest Storm was born Annie Blanche Banks on February 29, 1928 in Eastman, Georgia. She was a victim or child abuse and ran away from home when she was a young girl. By age 20, she had already been married and divorced two times, and headed for Hollywood.

Her beauty helped her land a job as a chorus girl, but her curvaceous figure and very generous and natural 40″ bosom and 22″ waist combined with a magnetic stage personality led to a highly successful career in burlesque. She took on the stage name of Tempest Storm around 1950, legally changing her name in 1957.

Tempest Storm was featured in numerous magazines and burlesque movies including Russ Meyer’s “French Peep Show”, “Paris After Midnight”, “Striptease Girl”, “Teaserama”, and “Buxom Beautease”. Tempest travelled and did shows in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

In the late 1950s, her breasts, or her “moneymakers” as she called them, were insured by Lloyds of London for one million dollars.

During her career, she was romantically linked with John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr., and Vic Damone.

Now, at age 80, Tempest Storm feels a bit like she’s been “slighted”. She’s the headliner and is a star and classy. Tempest Storm says, “I don’t just get up there and rip my clothes off,” she says.

Tempest is right about that, at age 80, she does strip very slowly. More than 50 years ago she was dubbed the “Girl with the Fabulous Front” and told by famous men she had the “Best Two Props in Hollywood.”

Many burlesque stars have come and gone over the years, but not Tempest Storm. She kept performing in Las Vegas, Reno, Palm Springs, Miami, Carnegie Hall. Her stripping act has been “preserved in time”.

Tempest Storm doesn’t do “pole dancing”, and she would never put her derriere in a man’s face. Her favorite prop is a boa, and at times lying on a divan.

Tempest feels it takes four music numbers to get it all off and do it in a classy manner. But the producers of the show want her to go faster, and complete her routine in seven minutes. “I did seven minutes when I started,” she says.

Although Tempest Storm wishes she had longer routines, and it angers her a bit, she still is not ready to quit at age 80.

Her contemporaries Blaze Starr, Bettie Page, Lili St. Cyr have died or hung up their pasties. But not Storm. Tempest says, “No, no. I’m not ready to hang up my G-string, yet. I’ve got too many fans that would be disappointed.”

She talks of her romantic time with Elvis Presley. He met her after her show in Las Vegas and fiddled with her skirt as he introduced himself. The relationship ended about a year later because Elvis’ manager didn’t approve of him dating a stripper, she says.

Storm and her fourth and last husband, Herb Jefferies, a star of black cowboy films who swept her off her feet in 1957 when such unions were instant scandals. They divorced in 1970.

“When I look at this picture I say, ‘What the hell happened between this gorgeous couple?”‘ she says.

The moment is brief.

Storm is rarely wistful. She has no doubt she still is what she once was. Although she performs just handful of times a year, she would do more, if asked. She chides those who think age takes a toll on sex appeal.

“Ridiculous,” she says.

There are just as many recent photos in the room: Storm and her daughter, a nurse in Indiana. Storm and her fiance, who died a few years ago. Storm and a beaming older gentlemen, just a fan who approached her for a photograph.

In others, the petite beauty with the long lashes and glamorous hair is alone, out of focus, in full makeup and smiling wide. In one, she is perched on her living room couch in a red hat and low-cut black suit.

“I took that picture of myself,” she says proudly. “I have a self-timer. I took these, too.”

Tempest says she believes this is the lesson of her life. Be a survivor. Never stop doing what you love, it makes you who you are. “If you want to get old, you’ll get old,” she says.

So what is Tempest Storm’s secret? She says she doesn’t drink or smoke, or eat much. Tempest says,”I’m just blessed, I think. And I know when to push myself away from the table.”

What do you think of Tempest Storm, 80 year old stripper? Should grandma hang up her g-string? We think, you go girl!

Tempest Storm and Bettie Paige in Teaserama below:

Tempest Storm, 80 Year Old Stripper and Burlesque Star Still PerformingTempest Storm, 80 Year Old Stripper and Burlesque Star Still PerformingTempest Storm Photos and Pictures, 80 Year old stripper still workingTempest Storm Photos and Pictures, 80 Year old stripper still workingTempest Storm Photos and Pictures, 80 Year old stripper still working

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