Sophie Monk: Sophie Monk Photos


Sophie Monk is an Australian pop singer, fashion model, and actress. Read more to see Sophie Monk photos.

Sophie Monk had a female pop group called Bardot and has since established a solo career with the release of her album, “Calendar Girl”. Monk has also tried her hand at acting, starring in comedies such as “Date Movie” and “Click”.

Sophie Monk played the character, Andy in “Date Movie”, parodying Paris Hilton. Sophie Monk also played Marilyn Monroe in “The Mystery Of Natalie Wood (2004)” and starred in the music video “Always” for rock group Blink 182.

In her personal life, Sophie Monk was engaged at one time to Benji Madden of “Good Charlotte”, and he is now dating Paris Hilton. Hmm… don’t you think Sophie was a better choice?

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