Snoop Dogg’s new music video.


Snoop Dogg, the celebrity hip hop singer, has teamed up with Akshay Kumar, a Bollywood actor, to record the title track for Akshay’s new movie, “Singh is Kinng.”

Snoop Dogg will wear a traditional sardar style costume. The producer of the music video, Vipul A. Shah, said that Snoop Dogg hopes to break into the lucrative Indian movie industry.

Vipul Shah said that the title song will combine two different styles of music. Snoop’s signature hip hop will be mixed with Akshay’s Bhangra style. Shah said that it will be exciting as these two celebrities have different chemistries.

Snoop Dogg has ventured into different styles of music. In June this year, he recorded “My Medicine”, which was a country song.

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