Sienna Miller Labeled “Homewrecker” – Flees to New York After Balthazar Getty Affair


Sienna Miller, actress, recently photographed topless with Balthazar Getty, during her affair with the married man. Balthazar Getty is reportedly attempting to reconcile with his wife, as Sienna is labeled a “homewrecker” and flees to New York.

Just last week, Sienna Miller was shown frolicking topless on a yacht with her new multi-millionaire actor boyfriend, but Sienna Miller has spent the past week in hiding after being snubbed by friends.

Sienna Miller, a 26-year-old actress, has been nicknamed “Sluttyienna” and “Serial Miller” because of her increasingly long list of lovers.

Miller has now taken off to New York, where her father lives, to escape the backlash after her affair with married Balthazar Getty.

Miller, star of GI Joe, is reportedly “stunned” after the fallout when her affair to the married father of four was recently revealed to the world, with photos!

A source states that, “Her PR team in the UK had no idea about the affair because she kept it a secret from them”.

“When they tried to do damage limitation, it was too late”, the source related. Here public relation team is extremely worried about the effect this could have on Sienna Miller’s career.

A source says, “Sienna is crazy about Balthazar. She knew that she would get absolutely hammered by everyone when their affair came out. That’s why she was so desperate to keep it secret.”

The source added, “Now that it’s all out in the open, she’s keen to settle down. She’s really hoping he will divorce quickly and marry her.”

But Balthazar is apparently having second thoughts, and bombarding estanged wife Rosetta with emails and messages, begging her to give their marriage a second chance for the sake of their four children.

Balthazar Getty has now returned to Los Angeles to his wife, Rosetta Millington Getty, and his four children, and it appears there is a smear campaign against Miller with Rosetta’s friends.

A friend of Sienna’s said, “Sienna could not stay in London for fear of bumping into her ex, Rhys Ifans, whom she dumped in June, or worse, his friends who hate her.”

“She also got the message that she wasn’t very welcome in LA. Rosetta is very powerful and well connected. Patricia Arquette is a childhood friend and Demi Moore is one of her best friends. Naturally none of them will be inviting Sienna over for tea,” the source stated.

Sienna Miller’s pr team has not commented, but looks as if Sienna Miller has really damaged her reputation after this latest tryst.

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