Shawn Carla Photos: Shawn Hektor is Ms Howard Stern TV August


Shawn Carla Photos of Playboy is Ms Howard Stern TV

Shawn Carla, Playboy model and actress is Ms Howard Stern TV. Shawn Carla’s photos and biography below.

Shawn Carla, 26, began modeling about four years ago and her first big break was Playboy. Shawn Carla Hektor was “Cyber Girl” of the week in March 2005, and again “Cyber Girl” of the month July 2005.

Shawn Carla Hektor has also been in many independent films, commercials, TV shows, print ads, etc. Shawn Carla also got a big break in a national commercial for “Entourage”.

Shawn Carla was just recently named MS Howard Stern TV. Shawn Carla says, “It’s been my dream since I was young to meet Howard and now I get to work with him! I do not agree with everything he has to say (who does), but he has completely revolutionized the entire entertainment biz. He has made it easier for all of us to be accepted in the media. He is truly a pioneer and I am honored to be able to be a part of his work”.

Shawn Carla calls herself a “sweetheart with an attitude” because although she is a very loving, kind person, she can also be very blunt and honest. Sometimes her sharp tongue and sarcasm can offend people, but the truth is, she’d give her left arm to make somebody happy when it comes down to it.

With a degree in music, she can sing too. She has been a performer for a long time, and in the future she looks forward to more modeling, acting and even pursuing her own music career.

Shawn says she will teach her future children that nudity is natural and normal – nothing to be ashamed of. Shawn loves people (she’s a social butterfly), and she makes new friends easily. She really blazes her own trail, grabbing life by the horns and going for whatever she tries with all her might. She says taking risks and making mistakes are what makes life worth living.

At this exciting time in her life, when the world is open to her, Shawn is just enjoying the ride. Being a tall girl, her legs go on forever, and she laughingly accepts the fact that because of her long body, most regular shirts turn into belly shirts on her.

Shawn Carla Photos: Shawn Carla Hecktor Ms Howard Stern tvShawn Carla Photos: Shawn Carla Hecktor Ms Howard Stern tvShawn Carla Photos: Shawn Carla Hecktor Ms Howard Stern tvShawn Carla Photos: Shawn Carla Hecktor Ms Howard Stern tvShawn Carla photos: Ms Howard Stern TV August and Playboy model

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  1. Yes this is really me first off. And second… the more you hate on me, the better I know I'm doing. Lmao, you all should really grow some balls and do what you want to with your life rather then bashing someone who already does.

  2. blah blah blah. shawn get a JOB. noone cares if you playboy shawn hecktor miss howard stern tv all that is nothing what r you going to do when your thirty. thats coming up soon for you.


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