Shaun Barrowes, ex-American Idol contestant, asks for a loan.


Shaun Barrowes, an ex American Idol contestant, has a page at Prosper. It is an online application for a personal loan for business use. The public who wishes to help him can bid to become the lender and earn an interest rate out of it. You can view the page at the sources listed below.

Barrowes’ request was for a loan of $10,000. The business was to market a product he had been working on. He claimed that he had already spent $70,000 on his project.

Barrowes said that he needed the loan because he could not work for 5 months, while he was a contestant on American Idol. That had set him back and he needed the boost to resume his project. He did not disclose the nature of his project.

Sources: Prosper, tmz.



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