Shanna Moakler & Kim Kardashian “Cat-fight”: Travis Barker the Reason?


Shanna Moakler and Kim Kardashian had a “cat-fight” this weekend at Carmen Electra’s party, with Moakler claiming Kardashian was trying to cheat on boyfriend, Reggie Bush, with her ex-husband, Travis Barker!

This weekend at Carmen Electra’s party, there was huge tension between Kim Kardashian and Shana Moakler. Sources say that Kim Kardashian was either cheating or trying to cheat on Reggie Bush with Shana’s ex-husband, sexy drummer Travis Barker.

Shanna Moakler seems to think that Kim was “after” Travis when she posed for the rocker’s Famous Stars & Strap clothing line last year.

In an interview, Shanna Moakler gave a play-by-play of what went down at Carmen Electra’s party.

During the confrontation, Shanna reportedly called Kim Kardashian a “donkey”, “sooo f***ing fat,” and also said she is 5’2 and she’s like 140.”

Shanna Moakler said she threw a drink at Kim Kardashian, after which both Kim and boyfriend, Reggie Bush, were escorted out of the party.

Moakler claims that Kim Kardashian has been “chasing” her man for a long time, and she has read emails from Kim to Travis Barker. Shanna says Kim Kardashian was trying to hook up with Travis Barker on the “low low”.

Kim Kardashian denies the claims by Moakler and stated, “only had a professional relationship” with Travis Barker, when she modeled for his fashion line.

During Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Kardashian called in and said, “There was a little altercation. Carmen and I were just kind of hanging out. Shanna came over and kind of just said a few things and threw a drink,” says Kim. “I was just a little bit caught off guard. It kind of hit my leg.”

Kim Kardashian said she may have angered Shanna when photographed out wearing a “Famous Stars and Straps” T-shirt, which Shanna may have felt was a slap in her face.

“I feel bad about it, and I feel like I infuriated Shanna for that. I do definitely want to apologize.”

Shanna Moakler isn’t buying Kardashian’s story and told TMZ there was a romance, and that she has the emails as proof. Shanna said she was not releasing them so she wouldn’t “embarrass my ex and my family any further.”

Shanna Moakler has gotten into it with other ladies over her man including punching Paris Hilton. Travis Barker definitely sexy, and a talented drummer!

Do you think there was some truth to the story or is Shanna just jealous?

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  1. All Ive got to say to this is that Kim is a business woman and thats it. Shanna needs to chill and get over Travis. All she wants is attention.

    Kardashian ftw…btw love ur show:)

  2. Fuck Kim's bitch ass! She's only been ran through EVERY BLACK MAN in this world!! She is so fucking disgusting & isn't famous for anything! She hasn't done anything for this world but fuck everybody! Her sisters are just as bad! I've never disliked anybody so bad, she is sooo dumb, worse than Jessica Simpson dumb! Hopefully one day she wakes up & realizes how much she is hated & stops showing her nasty Armenian ass! And for all of you who are going to say, "Stop hating on Kim, she's making more money than you are, she is beautiful and 'OMG, Stop hating,' We LOVE YOU Kim!" etc…etc…blah, blah, blah! You might as well go suck some black dick & balls with her! HAHAHAHA!!!


    The Best

    • Your such a dunb bitch your probably fat and uglier than a motherfucker. Your saying all this stuff cuz you wish some guy would let you suck his dick and balls. i bet your so ugly you would have to pay a guy just to get near him haha kim your an amazing women don't listen to any of the negetive things people say they are just jealous!! <3

  3. Shanna i love you mamma, fuck kim i hate that hoe.

    i would do the same thing. ive got your back 100%

    fuck the haters baby girl!

  4. ok well does anyone actually care… but if you ask me…i think shanna is 1.) jealous because Kim looks so much better than she does… and 2.) she is wanting some attention in the gossip colums…….who cares if travis barker is a cheater…. consider this a “attention grabber” like the whole ashlee simpson being pregnant thing…. yup just my thoughts for today…


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