Shaniqua Tompkins wants 50 Cent to change his lawyer.


Shaniqua Tompkins’ lawyer would be requesting a Manhattan judge to reject Brett Kimmel as 50 Cent’s counsel because she claimed that there was a conflict of interest. 50 Cent seemed to disagree.

50 Cent’s ex girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, said that she had used Brett Kimmel before in a past case. She thought that it was inappropriate that Brett Kimmel would be working against her for 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson.

It was known that Shaniqua Tompkins would be trying to block 50 Cent from getting insurance money from the house that burned down. Tompkins had accused 50 Cent of burning down his own house that she was living in. 50 Cent has denied starting the fire and has sued Tompkins for defamation. 50 Cent wants $20 million in damages.

The media had approached Brett Kimmel to comment but were unsuccessful.

Source: tmz.

Pics: WENN


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