Seth Rogen Kicked Out Of “Pineapple Express” Party: Pineapple Express Movie


Seth Rogen nearly got kicked out of his own party after the premiere of his new movie, “Pineapple Express” for smoking marijuana.

Comedy star, Seth Rogen, was reportedly almost thrown out of a party for his own movie after party-goers accused him of smoking marijuana.

Apparently Seth Rogen found out the hard way that even though it’s his premiere, he can’t do anything he wants.

Seth Rogen was attending a recent aftershow party for his latest movie Pineapple Express, when members of the crowd began suspecting the funnyman was smoking a cigarette rolled with more than just tobacco.

A source tells the New York Post, “He was told to put it out immediately or leave.”

In an article published in U.S. women’s fashion magazine Elle just this month, Rogen mused to reporters of his “terrible case of I-wanna-smoke-weed-all-day”.

Rogen’s new movie, “Pineapple Express” with co-star James Franco, is brought to us by the same guys that did “Superbad”, so should be awesome!

Interestingly enough, this movie is about acquiring a rare strain of weed called pineapple express!

A spokesperson for Seth Rogen has declined to comment on the incident.

Here’s the Pineapple Express trailer, looks super good:

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