Sanjaya Malakar may join Jeff Timmons & Rich Cronin at Plymouth Rox Summer Fest.


Sanjaya Malakar.

Jeff Timmons, from 98 Degrees and Rich Cronin, from LFO, are going to perform in the Plymouth Rox Summer Fest in Massachusetts. This event is on Aug. 9, 7 pm.

Timmons and Cronin have charged their organizer $8000. This included their travel expenses. Sanjaya Malakar, a former American Idol contestant, charges $8000 for one solo appearance and these two singers are charging less than him.

In addition, Jeff Timmons will throw in a special bonus. There will be a contest. He will serenade a special contest winner on stage. The function will be organized and held at the local Memorial Hall and they are selling tickets now.

On Saturday July 19, it became known that the Plymouth Rox Summer Fest organizers were keen to hire Sanjaya Malakar to sing for their show too. They think that his fee is reasonable. Sanjaya is taking his time to respond.

Tickets: here.

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