Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood left wife for Ekaterina Ivanova.


Ekaterina Ivanova.

Ronnie Wood, the celebrity band member of Rolling Stones, has left his marital home and taken a young cocktail waitress with him.

Ekaterina Ivanova, 18, is the teenager who has captivated Ronnie Wood. She wrote on her Facebook webpage that she fell in love with Ronnie Wood. Jo Wood, Ronnie’s wife, has denied about the extra-marital affair. Jo said that Ronnie took Ekaterina away on a painting holiday.

Ronnie Wood’s publicist said that he had fallen off the bandwagon and had returned to alcohol addiction. Wood was not clear headed enough to realize that he needed to check into rehab. He was drinking 2 bottles of vodka daily.

A friend of Wood said that Ekaterina Ivanova was more like a drinking buddy to Ronnie.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN, internet



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