Rob Thomas’ band is sued in a lawsuit.


Rob Thomas & his wife Marisol.

Rob Thomas’ band held a concert where their drummer threw a drumstick into the crowd. The woman who received the drum stick was far from being appreciative. It was not a nice souvenir for her.

Lisa Gelbard, the woman who caught the stick, said that she was badly hit by the drumstick. It smacked her face and she suffered a herniated disk. The concert was held in 2005. Gelbard has filed a lawsuit against Rob Thomas’ company, Bidnis.

Gelbard’s husband was included in the lawsuit. He had attended the concert with Lisa. He said he suffered the loss of his wife’s services during the time she was suffering from her injury.

Source: tmz.


  1. WHAT A RETARD!!! "She caught the drum stick" then claims she got a hurniated disk.. Now I would like to know how that is done. She's talented to CATCH the drumstick then magically get HIT with it LMAO!

  2. They are both scammers. He did surgery on me and did more damage than good and then ignored what he done to me. I have seen him walk out on his clients who had waited hours to see him most were post Op of course (no more money to be made there). He has unhappy clients that run up the entire coast of Florida I witnessed it first hand! & like who gets hit in the face and then claims spinal injuries. And just luckily for her he is a neurosurgeon whats wrong with this picture.They should both be ashamed & so should the lic. division that continues to let him practice here.

  3. and 2nd of all why did she wait 3 years. I just read that her husband is a neuro surgeon who just got into trouble for not paying taxes. I guess he probably was the one who diagnosed his wife as well. It probably took this long to find a lawyer stupid enough (wait, what did I just say?) to take the case. she should be ashamed of herself and boy would I like to talk to her. You think the drumstick hurt?

  4. Your lucky there is limited space for this. 1st of all, I bet if she would have caught the stick it would be differant. These are the kind of people who should not go to concerts, or out in publlic for that matter. She is an idiot and so is her ugly husband. I would give money for Rob to hit me with a drumstick and then I would thank him and ask him to do it again. If you are a fan and you go to a concert and then turn around and sue them for trying to give you something to remember it by then you are stupid and should go home and put yourseld out of your own misery.


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