Rare Twins (Video): Rare Twins -One White & One Black


    A couple in Germany has become famous for being the parents to twins born with different skin colors. Leo and Ryan were born in a clinic in Berlin last week and have become celebrities. See video of rare twins below.

    For one twin to be black and one to be white is so rare that it is thought by medical experts to be a one-in-a-million occurrence.

    The twins’ mother, Florence, 35, is from Ghana, west Africa while their father, Stephan, is German.

    Stephan, 40, said though the couple were surprised by the coloring, the most important thing was the babies were healthy.

    The infants caused a sensation at the Sana Hospital in Lichtenberg, Germany, where they were born last week, with guests crowding around to greet the new arrivals.

    And the twins are already revealing opposing personalities. Light-skinned Ryan is described as a “spirited” baby, while Leo is laid back.

    Very cool huh? See the video of the rare twins below:



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