Rachel Hunter Interview On “Celebrity Circus Photo” & Weight Gain


Rachel Hunter talks about diet, celebrity circus, and her weight gain

Rachel Hunter has hit out of critics of her ‘fat’ Celebrity Circus picture, insisting ‘I don’t look like that’.

The New Zealand model’s fuller figure has been attracting quite a bit of attention over the last few weeks, after she bulked up while appearing on reality TV show Celebrity Circus.

An unflattering image of Hunter in her circus outfit prompted speculation she had gained a lot of weight and critics had described her as ‘chunky’ and ‘bloated’.

An angry Hunter said: ‘I don’t give a s**t. If people say that, then they can deal with the consequences because they look stupid.

‘It (the circus photo) was taken days ago and unless I’ve done something drastic I really don’t think I look like that. That’s their problem. They’ve totally misconstrued exactly how I am.’

When asked about her dress size or weight, Hunter said: ‘ I don’t know. I really don’t care.’

Hunter recently complained that she had put on weight in muscle when she learned trapeze and other circus skills on the reality show.

She was voted off the U.S. show, Celebrity Circus, in its fifth week recently.

Despite coming up 10th in a list of the all-time top 10 Celebrity Playboy Bunnies, Rachel believes her look is now dated. “It was such a different time when we were modeling,” she says. “It was a different time then and it’s a different time now.” It’s obvious the size 0 fad leaves Hunter angry.

“How many years can this go on?” she asks. “People should let the whole size-zero thing go, there’s only so much that can be said. It’s been talked about now for five years.

“Work it out – if you’re going to faint, eat some food!” So does she think women today have an unhealthy obsession with their weight? “I don’t know, I think everyone tries to find the perfect thing,” she says. “You figure out what suits you and what your body reacts to.

There’s no miracle here. It’s all about trial and error. Ultimately it’s everything in moderation.” Sharon Osbourne recently hit out at a comedian who called her daughter Kelly fat. Is Rachel keen to shield her daughter Renee from public scrutiny? “I just think it’s disgusting when people bring kids into it,” she says. “It’s just mean. I think Kelly is awesome.

Although Rachel Hunter has put on weight the past couple of years, she is still a beautiful woman. And you have to respect her for being comfortable with herself, and being a good role model to other women.

What do you guys think about Rachel Hunter’s weight gain and attitude?

Most of us remember Rachel Hunter best as “Stacy’s Mom” in the Fountains of Wayne Video :

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