Pictures of Ashley Kaufmann, Michael Lohan’s new alleged daughter.


Ashley Kauffmann, the alleged daughter of Kristi Kaufmann and Michael Lohan, is at the center of a paternity case. In Touch and OK magazine have printed some photos of Ashley Kaufmann.

Kristi Kaufmann, Ashley’s mother, claimed that Ashley’s father is Michael Lohan because they had a relationship in 1994. It was a month long affair and Ashley was a consequence of their union. Kristi said that she had asked Michael to assume responsibility but he had not contributed to his role.

Daryl Kaufmann, Kristi’s husband, claimed that the family went public about the unclaimed child because Michael did not help with child support. They were not going to make money from this case. Basically the Kaufmanns have given the same reason for bringing this paternity matter out into the open.

Michael Lohan said that he was waiting for the results of a DNA paternity test.

Source: tmz, pictures from In Touch, OK magazines.


  1. Cindy in Payson

    Valerie, who are you to accuse Daryl of having an affair?
    Talk about “dysfunctional” (correct spelling).
    Please quit your lying gossip and get a life!

  2. Valerie Kaufmann. You have a big mouth and everyone in Payson Arizona knows you are a lying big huge fat gossiping swine. It was the best thing that ever happened to “Mr Daryl Kaufmann” …. leaving YOU. Shut up and leave Daryl alone and Get Over It!

  3. Kristi may be a gold digger, but let’s not heap the moral blame on the “other woman” all over again, okay? Michael was the one who was MARRIED, he was the one who broke his obligations. What Kristi did was scummy, especially if she did know he was married, but she she had no obligations to Dina. Michael is the one at fault here. And frankly, from what I’ve heard of him, he seems like a worse kind of person than just a gold digger.

  4. Kristi could have just went and filed a Petition for Paternity and had him served, like normal people do. It’s not like she couldn’t have found him to have him served. Then a DNA test would have been ordered and things could have been done privately. She says that Michael disappeared – what rock was she under? He’s been all over the place. She didn’t need his permission to file a Paternity action – just go to the court and file the papers. She just wanted the publicity for Ashley – Ashley will be taking care of her gold digging mother for the rest of her life. Apparently the Cheesecake business didn’t work out – huh Kristi, or did you run out of rich married men to sleep with?

  5. please Mr Kaufmann should be the last person to talk about child support or taking responsibility he had two children that he walked away from when babies, he never paid a penny of child support. If Ashley has his last name did he adopt her and if he did what is going on! He had an affair with Kristy He is just as disfunctional as kristy and Mike. I think if Ashley is mike's child then he needs to fight for custody believe it or not she would be better off with him


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