Peter Cook admitted having internet sex and Diana Bianchi affair.


Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook during happier times.

Christie Brinkley’s ex husband, Peter Cook, took the stand today in court. Her lawyer made Cook confess that he spent a lot of time on internet escort, pornography and swinger websites. Cook masturbated in front of his web cam and engaged in internet sex while married to Brinkley.

Cook admitted having sex with Diana Bianchi while she was working for him at his office. Bianchi was a teenager at that time. Cook said that he paid Bianchi around $300,000 to keep quiet about their affair. Cook detailed how he left money for Bianchi. He hid cash under a rock outside his office and behind a painting. In addition, Cook bought Bianchi lingerie and a watch that cost $2000. Cook broke down and cried after being questioned intensively by Brinkley’s lawyers.

Brinkley’s lawyers claimed that the couple’s son Jack accidentally saw the pornographic pictures of young girls on Cook’s computer. The attorneys have attacked Cook over his past conviction for cocaine and his imprisonment. Brinkley footed the bills during the marriage and she discovered Cook’s affair with Bianchi during a speech at a local high school.

Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley have dragged their dirty laundry out in public to fight over the custody of their son Jack, and daughter Sailor.

Source: tmz.



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