Paul Pierce Gang Sign Video: Pierce Fined For Gang Sign During Game


Paul Pierce flashed a gang sign last year during an NBA playoff game. Pierce plays for the Boston Celtics and was fined $25,000 for the display. You can see him do the gang sign at the 30 second mark on the video.

The gang sign Paul Pierce flashed was a letter B, an unmistakable emblem of the Piru Bloods. He flashed it at Hawks player Al Horford.

It seems $25,000 is a pretty stiff penalty for a hand gesture. What do you think?


  1. Some say that Pierce is a thug, the guy is from Los Angeles, if he wasnt playing ball, he would be in jail, so who cares, just score points for the Celtics.

  2. Not to be an ass, but, that letter "B" Paul "threw up" was a gang sign affiliating him with the "Bloods" not "Piru Bloods." Piru's are something totally different yet similar. Both wear red, except the Piru's usually wear a darker hue, more like burgundy.


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