Paul Hogan has Australian tax troubles.


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Paul Hogan, the celebrity actor from Crocodile Dundee, has not learnt anything from observingWesley Snipes. Paul Hogan is setting himself up to become a Wesley Snipes follower.

Paul Hogan made a controversial statement on Fri., July 4, 2008. He challenged Australia’s tax authorities to locate him in the US and get him for tax evasion. The Australian National newspaper had also ran a report about him evading taxes.

Paul Hogan claims that the Australian tax officials are illegally trying to get his banking records and documents to charge him. Hogan said he predicted that he would be arrested if he landed in Australia. He cracked a joke and warned that he owned a gun.

The Australian tax office refused to comment on Paul Hogan’s case.

Source: tmz.


  1. Hogan is innocent. Taxation is slavery. There is no legitimacy to the democratic process, its not freedom, its a pretense. Why?
    1.two party duopoly, so you have no effective choice
    2.Arbitrary legislation, so no legitimacy
    3.No effective limits, so unconditional
    Stop persecuting taxpayers…stop targeting the wealthy who can afford to fight the govt. Can you imagine any poor person getting legal aid to fight the govt. Yes, the govt will use the taxpayers funds to quash any chance the taxpayer has of getting real defense through a system designed for their benefit…not yours.

  2. Hoagn is right , the ATO ( Australian tax office) are a bunch of bullies.

    between 1999 and 2001 I was driven into insanity by incompetence by the ATO, a psychiatrist, a psychologist did not believe the STO could be as bad as I said they were , until I showed them documents.

    My Story is online, here its a longish read I am sorry, but its all true


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