Paris Hilton Video: Singing & Acting in “Repo! The Genetic Opera”


Paris Hilton stars in Repo! The Genetic Opera, a blood-splattered rock opera helmed by Darren Lynn Bousamn, who directed Saws II, III and IV. See Paris Hilton acting and singing in the video below.

Repo! The Genetic Opera described by Bousman, “I would call this the anti-Rent, the anti-Dreamgirls,” says Bousman, a self-professed fan of musical theatre. “I like things like The Rocky Picture Horror Show, Tommy and Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m not the kind of guy who goes to Dreamgirls. I want the people who won’t see Mamma Mia! to come see this, because it’s different.”

Repo! The Genetic Opera stars Paris Hilton as Amber Sweet, and former Sky Kids star Alexa Vega, and the cast includes Paul Sorvino, Nivke Ogre of the band Skinny Puppy and songstress Sarah Brightman.

“On the outside it’s gruesome horror and whatever, but at its heart it’s a father-daughter love story,” says Bousman, who first adapted the stage production years ago as a 10-minute pitch to film companies.

This looks pretty awesome actually, if you are a fan of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, what do you guys think?



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