Pamela Anderson will create controversy in Big Brother house.


Pamela Anderson in Australia’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” on Wednesday, July 9.

Pamela Anderson will enter Australia’s Big Brother house for a 2 hour visit in a special episode of the show. This will probably take place on Thursday.

This episode will be titled, “Pamela Anderson’s Tricks of the Trade”, and she will teach the housemates some tricks for the craft.

Rory Callaghan, a producer, said that he wanted to see how a big celebrity would give the extra value to the house. He thought that the unscripted appearance would be very interesting.

Pamela Anderson has promised not to strip for Big Brother. She refused to reveal her salary for this guest appearance but let on that she was paid more than what she expected.

In other news, Anderson was said to be planning to protest against KFC. KFC is one of the biggest sponsors for Big Brother. That might create problems and controversy for her.

Source: tmz, DM


  1. Anyone who has anything to do with a stupid group like PETA is absolutly stupid and especaily her posing nude for stupid peta ads


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