Osama Sam Lufti (Photos)- No Restraining Order: Britney Spears Conservatorship Extended


Osama “Sam” Lutfi (photos) seemed to play a huge part in the public downward spiral of Britney Spears.

Britney’s lawyer told the press today that Spears will not seek a restraining order against Osama Sam Lutfi, but this does not mean she wants him to be back in her life either.

“Britney has made clear to everyone that she does not want to be further harassed or contacted in any way by Osama ‘Sam’ Lutfi, now or at anytime in the future,” Spears’ attorney Samuel D. Ingham III said in a statement to The Associated Press.

Most of us never really heard about Osama Sam Lutfi before October 2007 when he went to the DMV with Britney to get her Cali driver’s license.

Then Osama Sam Lufti became known as “Britney Spears Friend”, “sidekick”, “cling-on”, “Howard K. Stern”, and sometimes “producer”. FOX Sources report he was introduced to her by her mother, Lynn. According to public documents, he’s had numerous tax liens and a couple of lawsuits brought against him.

Most of us will agree that Osama Sam Lufti is a negative influence on Britney Spears, and it is good he is out of her life now.

Images/Source: news


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