Nikki Catsouras “Porsche Girl” Tragic Wreck: Graphic Photos of Accident Torture Her Family


Beautiful 18 year old Nikki Catsouras before the tragic car accident

Nikki Catsouras was tragically killed in a horrific 2006 car accident on Halloween while driving her Dad’s porsche sports car. Nicole ‘Nikki’ Catsouras was only 18 years old at the time of the crash.

Nikki Catsouras, only 18 years old, died in a tragic car accident in her father’s porsche, and has come to be known as “porsche girl”.

Nikki Catsouras had an argument with her father over sneaking a cigarette, and he took her car keys away. So she borrowed his $150,000 Porsche and was speeding in excess of 100MPH before hitting a Honda that was doing 70MPH and went across the highway and into the tollboth.

As if the tragic accident was not enough for her poor parents to endure, the California Highway Patrol released the graphic pictures of the accident, and are in hot water for it! California Highway Patrol policy and the state vehicle code forbids Police from distributing crime scene photos publicly.

You can imagine how the parents and Nikki’s family feel, after seeing their beautiful daughter they lost, exploited in this way.

After being devastated with the news of their young daughter, Nikki Catsouras’ tragic accident, they soon began receiving anonymous emails and text messages showing photos of their daughter’s accident. Some of the photos were as graphic as showing their daughter, Nikki’s, decapitated body still belted into the vehicle.

One person was actually cruel and cold enough to post up a fake MySpace as if it was a tribute to Nikki Catsouras, but actually contained the graphic photos of the car accident.

The terribly graphic photos were taken by the officers of the California Highway Patrol, and were emailed out of the department, which eventually made their way onto websites on the internet. An investigator hired by Nikki’s family gathered this information.

The mother of Nikki, Lesli Catsouras has even stopped checking her email, and has chosen to home-school their three younger daughters.

The Catsouras family is fighting this invasion of their privacy the only way they can, by suing, and a judge out of California says the lawsuit can move forward.

The CHP employees that played a huge role in the images of Nikki, are said to be Thomas O’Donnell and Aaron Reich.

Nikki Catsouras had never before driven the Porsche 911, and was traveling at 100 miles per hour on the toll road when she clipped another car, sped out of control, and slammed into a toll booth.

Nikki had not been drinking and there was not a trace of any drugs in her system.

The graphic photos of the accident can be found here if you really must see them. You maintain responsibility for your own concience and motives. The family is working to have the images removed from the web. Out of respect for the family we will not show the graphic photos.

You can see a video of Nikki Catsouras’ tragic story here. And a tribute to her here.

Nikki Catsouras Car Wreck that tragically ended Nikki\'s life.Nikki Catsouras Car Wreck that tragically ended Nikki\'s life.Honda Nikki Catsouras hit before her car accident, they were unharmed.

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  1. Wow, just seeing this now… This is a horrendous tragedy in every way possible. It’s shocking to see how many sick, evil, rotten people are in this world. Are you people serious? This girl was 18 years old, with or without a prior brain injury, tumor, radiation that may or may not have cause impulse control issues that may or may not have caused her to have poor judgement and drive a Porsche at 100 miles per hour, she was 18!!!! Teenagers make foolish mistakes and act recklessly from time to time it’s what they do!! We all did! For those of you that are actually over 12 think back how many times have you been shocked at things you did and thankful you are still here? Be real!! It’s not because she was spoiled, it’s not the Porsche it could have been a freaking Taurus that can get up to 100 miles per hour.. It was a tragic mistake that cost this child her life, the names that she is being called and the things that are being said is disgusting, you people are sick trolls!!! She was a beautiful girl an 18 year old child that made a tragic, awful mistake and nothing more. Get over yourselves, seek help, I hope none of you are parents and if you are I certainly hope you never lose a child! This poor family has made to relive her death over and over and over again.. I don’t care how much money they got it can never bring her back, it can never erase the images that have changed their memories of their girl for life. It’s amazing that these pictures are still here 10 years later.. Morbid curiosity is one thing, maybe using it as a teaching tool to help teenagers learn the consequences of foolish actions are some reasons to view the photos, but to view them to make awful sick remarks and intentionally try to hurt these people further is so sick and wrong. Karma is ugly and goes both ways.. Anyone who has anything negative to say about this child needs to have their head examined and should not ever have access to the internet you people are the worst kind of terrorists you’re evil! Smh and before you write hateful comments to me Idc knock yourselves out if that makes you feel better my guess is that you are all spineless losers that have nothing going on and it makes you feel like you are something getting in the Internet and leaving disgusting comments and voicing your ignorant, sick, hateful opinions take a look at your lives, this may be why you are in the situations that you are because YOU deserve it! You are all spoiled, uneducated, clearly unloved and unloving freaks. Instead of trolling the Internet looking for ways to make yourselves feel better why don’t you work on yourselves clearly you haters all hate yourselves! My heart goes out to anyone who loved this beautiful young girl who has had to endure this bullshit, it’s not even the CHP it’s you people, wow!!!

  2. I’m late with this post, much after the fact. Poor, poor girl. Doesn’t matter what she did, she didn’t deserve to die that way. I feel so sorry for her family. No closure. They were spared the grief of seeing their child this way, and then these photos. What a shame. I feel for the paramedics and first responders too. What a horrible sight. She doesn’t look human. Our bodies shatter like glass when put in these situations. I hope she was right with God and is at peace.

  3. The girl just made a mistake that cost her life.I know people are kind of harsh with words concerning her.When she left her home she knew at that moment she wasn’t going back home.She did have a health issue concerning her brain if that played a part only the family knows.
    It’s about time people forgive her. Thank God the others in the car was not severly injured.Let her family and her find closure and peace.

  4. I pray none of you ever have to endure what this family has had to. Does it matter what she was doing, or why? She was an 18 year old daughter, and sister to someone and no one deserves this. You people are sick, and I pray you all realize how horrific this event was for her family and that she was still someone’s loved one regardless of the circumstances. I don’t even understand why people feel the need to post such ruthless, hateful, things about someone else, it’s disgusting you people get off on others pain. And to CHD you should be doing whatever is takes to fix the horrendous and painful situation you have cause by letting these pictures get out in anyway, thanks for “protecting” us.

  5. Some people are so cruel in this world, it’s a tragedy that this child (because 18 years old is a still a child to me) lost her life so heart aches for the parents and all her family and friends who still suffer over this death. There isn’t one person in this world who is prefect, and everyone makes bad choices in their life, but no one deserves to die. How can you sick people bash this young girl who is gone and will never live life..apparently you sick individuals think life cant be taken from you…what makes you so thankful you can be with your love ones, because she will never see her mother, father, or sisters again. My prayers are with them all.

  6. What should have happened is if the people who leaked them out felt that they should be posted as a lesson to other teens, they should have waited for awhile & approached her parents privately & put together a program where they would only be seen in a controlled setting. If you are a teenager & you don't love yourself or feel loved, no horrific photo in the world is going to keep you from taking, drugs, speeding in your car & doing other reckless things. We need to make sure that we are creating an environment for out children (which is every child on earth) where they feel love, respected & human.

  7. This is not about weather she was drunk or high or whatever u people think. it is about the exposure of her pictures from the accident thays the real issue here. have some respect for the family and quit being immature people.

  8. Some of you people are just cruel. I suppose Im not shocked at some of the things Ive read here. Where has humanity gone? Why does it matter who she is, where she's from, her familys money or her attitude? When I seen these (the real ones) I just thought.. my God..her poor family 🙁 what they must be going through. Its hard enough to bury someone you love, but I couldnt imagine not seeing them one last time. My best friend/cousin was burnt in a car accident. Had it not been for the fire, the casket would have been open. For someone you love to lose their life in such a HORRIBLE way.. and for evil hearted people like many who've posted here.. to say such hateful things.. I just dont get it. What happend to you? Did you parents not love u enough? Did u not learn how to sympathize or empathize? To be so careless or get pleasure from someone else's pain.. what must have happend/ or not happend to you? Its very sad. I wish you love and peace. I hope your heart grows. I hope one day you'll comfort someone who needs you. And I hope that if you dont have anything nice to say.. that you please keep quiet.

  9. How dare some of you people. Oh my gosh i'm shocked. How HEARTLESS!!! You people should be ashamed. What if this was your child, sister, niece, or grandaughter? And dont even for one second think "hah, it'll never happen!" because u just never know.. Think a little before u post something hurtful.. Dont you think her parents are sad enough??? Keep your thoughts to yourself, one wants to read ur nasty ass comments..

    • you are kidding yourself, i dont care if it was jesus christ himself…if he decided to get wasted or hungover and steal keys to a car that wasnt his and drive100+ and crash….hed also deserve it. the only postivie is she didnt kill other people or else shed really get some hate mail

  10. Wether this girl was a brat, a druggy, an alcoholic or whatever is been said about her her pictures shouldn't be on the net OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE FAMILY. Would all of you want pictures of your deceased loved ones, no matter what shape or form they are in on here. It is outrageous that the CHP leaked these pictures out and shame on them. Is this where my tax paying money is used for. To those of you who have no children and are saying negative things you have no right to say the things you do, imagine that was Your own child and their pictures were exposed on here. To those who are deciding to show these picture to your children or grand children as a warning it is not right. there are better ways to teaching your kids. I have a 10 month old baby girl and I feel for the family of the deceased because I dont ever want this for my daughter and I would never show her any sort of pictures to warn her instead I am goin to raise her the best way I can.

  11. yeah she was stoned, drunk, whiny, and/or throwing a tantrum……if she was texting youd all want to lynch her but since shes just a drunk stoner who is crying about being grounded i guess things are different for her. the only thing i agree with that the bleeding hearst have said is that this can be a learning aexperience…not a pity party for a typical teenage brat who defies her parents and then almost takes out innocent civilians. if it helps just imagine she was texting maybe youll come to reality

  12. Dat MARY be scarin the shit outta ME! I aint gone no drink n drive long as theys some crazyass Bible-thumpin woman carry on like THAT! Shayuuuut! Lemme git on up outta hero!

  13. It seems like there's some confusion over the real issue.

    The issue is none of the following:

    – whether or not Nikki was a spoiled brat
    – if she could have killed innocent people
    – whether or not she had been drinking
    – how fast she was driving
    – that she hadn't driven her father's Porsche before

    and so on.

    THIS is the issue:

    – grisly, graphic photographs of her mangled, DECAPITATED body spread across the Internet and are a source of torture and sorrow for her family, including her SISTERS
    – because of the above, the family has even received taunting e-mails and other vicious reminders of their DEAD daughter

    That's the point. Let's talk about that, whether it's okay to so grossly invade a family's privacy by making available to the general public–millions of people all around the world–horrific photos of their DEAD, mangled child.

    If this were YOUR child [or spouse, parent, sibling, friend, etc.], would YOU like having their decapitated body posted on the Internet for all to gawk at? and make jokes about? and post phony 'memorial' sites about? I wouldn't.


  15. okay i have to post this because i have insight that none of you have, i actually knew her, personally, i was a year ahead of her in high school nd she hung out with my pretty tight knit group of scenester/hipster friends, she was actually very quiet and reserved type, she barely spoke up much and had a quirky arty kind of quiet personality to her, she was not spoiled, at least you would not think of her that way, not at all, everyone at our high school was at least semi rich, a lot of our dads had cars like that, she wasent drunk either, she was coming off of a coke binge and was delirious and angry, but was sober at the time of the crash. I heard about it way after it happened because i moved to philly junior year, never saw the pics until recently, they are insanely fucked up and even worse is i knew her, she was a quiet pretty qirl who came to an almost unbelievable ending, i mean the photos shocked me even, and i am damn near unshakeable, nothing usually bothers me and i actually can have a very morbid sense of humor, but those photos sent to her family are way fucked up, god damn who knw such a beautiful girl would come to such a violent and tragic death, i remember hearing about it from a friend who was even closer with her than i and he knew all kinds of crazy details about what happened and it just plain shocked me, she was so quiet and unassuming, plus i had had a huge crush on her for a while, the pictures just made it so gruesome and grossly real, you see that shit on the internet and it doesnt bothr you, then you see someone you knew like that, oh man just disturbing

  16. I never forgot Nikki's story after hearing it almost 2 years ago. I still can't believe that people praised and rooted her death like if she had done anything personal to them. She was a teenager, who did teenage things that ultimately lead to her final day. I pray her soul rests in peace and I pray that no one ever has to go through this. Shame on all who say she had it coming… People can be so insensitive, immature and selfish. Bless all those who feel for her and her family 🙁

    Rest In Peace

    Nikki Catsouras

  17. Jack, you are a judgemental moron!!! Teenagers do irrational, impulsive things. And for the parents who really think that showing photos to your children to teach them a lesson is ridiculous. This stuff is way too graphic for any normal person to see. This is not "tough love" to show your kids these photos. This is total stupidity!!!

  18. Kids have arguments. kids even run away rrom home. kids do drugs. kids even kill. but this kid had no drugs or anything else in her system that would cause a accident. That tells me she had a anger issue that day, she might have even needed medication "who knows what really happened" before she decided to take those keys.

    All that matters is there is a very pretty young girl with her head all over the car and even her pretty hair whipped around the seat of a very expensive car. I have a 14 year old son he is a very good boy but sometimes kids as well as adults get out of control as we all know, and this young girl paid the worst price i have ever seen for it. did she deserve it "HELL NO" this doesn't mean that it should be all over the internet for people to see and point the finger at.

    some people are heartless, i really feel bad for the kid as well as the family.

    RIP Nikki everyone will be where you are one day. Don't worry about these people they probably have more problems then you had that day. Some people are fucked up!!! leave this girl and her family alone….

  19. The Bible says – Judge not less you be judged. I feel badly for the people that have judged. Your judgement will be no less harsh than the one that you have handed down, only your judgement will come from God almighty. I have no dooubt that he will have the same compassion with you that you did with this young woman and her family. God help your soul on the day of reconning.

  20. You know what you sick fucks need to leave Nikki’s family alone!!You say she was a spoiled little brat but you all know damn good and well if you had the money to blow your kids they would be spoiled little brats to and you wouldn’t mind if your kids drove your shit cause you know you’d have the money to fix it if something fucked up on it!!!Even if she did take it what the fuck is it to you??It wasn’t your kid!!You all need to leave her family the fuck alone!!Think about it….Karma’s a bitch and by you talking shit and saying things that should not be said Karma may come back on you!!!All you people do on here is upset people that read this and if it was your kid you wouldn’t want people on here talking shit about them!!!But I can’t wait til all you shit talkers die and have to answer to God about the shit you said!!!In the Bible it says there is only one judge and guess what MOTHERFUCKERS IT AIN’T YOU!!!Who the fuck are you to judge???This isn’t any of your business!!If you assholes don’t have anything nice to say…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!P.S. GO CUT YOUR WRIST YOU SHIT TALKERS!!!

    • And who are YOU to judge anyone else for what they say?? You have the audacity to talk about the bible and god in the same sentence that you tell people to slit their wrists and die?? You are a horrible example of a good christian and when you get to the pearly gates, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of explaining to do.

  21. yes she shouldnt have disobeyed her parents that was wrong but she didnt deserve to die! kids do that all the time! how dare you rub it in there faces! whoever sent those pictures to the dad is a horrible person! they have no right to say anything! that is so sad for the family! i feel terrible for them and my prayers go out to them!

  22. I just saw a story about this on CBS Evening News last night. I can agree that the accident is a tragedy and that the photos should never have been on the internet, but to sue the CHP for $20 million? Instead of making a profit from this why arent they trying to get criminal charges brought against the officer who leaked the photos? They could also fight for legislation to prevent another family from induring this. Sadly that is not the case. No amount of money will ever bring Nikki back or make their pain go away. I believe they could fight for a more positive outcome than cash if they wanted to. This is just taking advantage of the situation. I'm not saying they do not need compensation for the torment from the photos but seriously $20 million?

  23. It's the old saying that still applies to today, "Don't do drugs; Don't drink and drive."

    Can't it get anymore simpler than that? Why you think they still post these laws?

  24. I agree with Sun Dance. Maybe the parents can try to make something positive from the tragic loss of their beautiful daughter.

  25. I served 4 yrs in usmc. 60 rs ago. I seen like this in combat.U feel sorry for the people involved.And go on with life. My sisters first

    husband was my buddy. going to work at nite.South bound hit from behind by a drunk.m.c. Left laying in the road. a woman driver going North, froze at the wheel. finshed the job. drug him down the road 50yrds hooked on the A frame of her mustang. the guy, got off, 3 yrs probation.

  26. When I was in high school driver's ed many years ago there was a film called 'Signal 30" that was required viewing to get pass. It was made in 1959 and today is famous for its color closeups of mangled car wreck victims and many of the shots also had the sounds of people screaming and/or crying in the background. These photos are nothing compared to that. A film like that was REQUIRED back then. Perhaps if Nikki had been required to see that film, or one like it, she would still be alive today.

    Instead of sueing people, perhaps her parents could channel their efforts into creating a program to keep this from happening to other teenagers.

  27. …she wasn't drunk? She had cocaine in her system from the night before. what is wrong with you people. how can you say the things you say? do you not have hearts? think about her poor family

  28. I seen these photo's a couple of years ago. They came into my email. I was in total shock BUT I showed them to my 16 year old son. This is not the first photo my son had seen with graphics. Alot of schools show them in driver education. They show pictures of what happens when you drive drunk and/or high. I personally think the kids need to see this.

    The people who are emailing the photos to the family or putting them on the sister's lockers…WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM???? How do you know this will never happen to you??? I don't wish anything bad on anyone…BUT NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!


  30. The fact that these photos are published all over the internet is sickening and sad. I can understand the photos of the car to use as a reality check for those who don't think about the consequences of speeding, but to show the horrific pictures of that poor girl is just SICK. Whoever leaked these photos should be very disgusted with themselves and should have to personally beg for forgiveness from her family.

  31. Lost my daughter @ age 21 to a single-vehicle crash. She made a foolish decision and it cost her life, plain and simple. I still feel the pain after six years, but facts are facts.

    This girl was apparently a spoiled brat and died in a similar fashion as did my daughter. She apparently had a history of drug abuse prior to throwing a defiant tantrum and killing herself with daddy's Porsche. Hopefully the occupant(s) of the Honda she hit are well.

  32. To all those people who are saying not to feel sorry for her, we are not sympathizing with her for her mistakes…we are symapathizing with the family for being forced to relive them publicly day by day. All pictures of Nikki's accident and death should be removed from the internet ASAP out of pure respect and if you need a picture to make an example for your child then maybe you should also rethink your parenting skills so that your kids may never make such a fatal mistake as Nikki. My child will never see these photos just as i will never search out the graphic ones. Think about what you are doing to this family! And think about this one last thing when you call Nikki a "brat", "spoiled", or even a "whore" as one website put it, DID YOU EVEN KNOW HER? If no, then shut your mouth and do one decent thing and delete/report any one of these horrible photos and stop spreading the pain for her family!

  33. "Stop with the bleeding heart!! This little brat made a decision to disobey her parents, took her dad’s car, drove it 100+mph, and smeared her brains/face/hair against a tollbooth (who knew a tollbooth was that sturdy)."

    I hope demons masturbate on you entrails in hell! Subhuman piece of vile shit!

  34. I pray for Nikki's family and that she may rest in peace. I feel sorry for her family and can't believe some of these sickos have no compassion for a lost life. We've all made ignorant choices at some point in our lives. No, I wouldn't want it to happen to any of my 3 daughters or anyone else I love (whether they be passers by or the responsible party), but she is still a victim of her own poor judgement. Isn't being dead payment enough? Let the girl rest in peace.

  35. Practice what you preach.

    Had I done what she did, drink all day and snort a few lines of cocaine(or even if I only had a couple drinks), sped off in a fury taking my rich daddy's convertible porche up to well over 100 mph, then came within a hair's breadth of killing innocent motorists, I would hope someone would pull over and urinate on my remains while laughing, because that's what drunk driving scum deserve.

    Every weekend I see someone swerving all over the road like they're asleep at the wheel I feel the strong urge to follow them off the freeway, smash their driver-side window with my knuckle gloves and rip them out of their vehicle to shake some sobriety into them.

  36. Unbelievable.

    Not only the geniuses who think they're being funny (and yes, it SHOULD happen to them, and they should have to read comments made by people like them afterward), but the "She made a choice.." lectures as well.

    No one has mentioned that this was a CHILD, and if any of the commenters were perfect children, then I apologize, but it's pretty much dumb luck that most kids even make it to adulthood, this one just didn't get 'lucky'.

    I also notice the discrepancies in the article, she actually had tested positive for cocaine the night before, and was going to be sent to treatment. I don't know if someone thought this would make her less sympathetic, but in my eyes, it doesn't, she was a kid.

    I really hope the "Suck it up, don't care about people" crowd realizes they aren't helping to do anything except make the world worse.

    What happens in a world where empathy is scorned, and emptiness and cruelty are celebrated? Let's see when those people bring children into that world… that they're helping create.

    Good Luck.

  37. I am sorry for the death of this girl and for what the family is going though, But if these photos help to keep just one person from making the same mistake then I do believe they should be seen. AND, YES, If it were my child I would want them seen.

    God Bless






  39. I think that it is discusting that people would write things like, she was a bratt and pretty much got what was coming to her. Yeah, she should not have done that. However, I have done worse and did not end up dead and I know your stupid ass has also done stupid shit to. Do any of you mindless stupid people have children? If so I pitty them but anyways, Imagine having one of your children throw a fit take your car and end up dead, crashing at 100 mph and having her photos end up all over the net. Can you even imagine for one, loosing a child or anyone close to you? your mother, father, sister, brother it would not matter because you love that person no matter what they do. She made a mistake we are human and we all do and now she is paying for it for the rest of her life. I also think it is sad that people would be so jelous of someone that they dont know and all they have to hear is that she had a rich father and driving a porch and you are ready to start judging. Remember that when it comes to your judgment day and say your prayers that god will have pitty on your pathetic souls and not punish anyone in your own family for being so cold to somebody elses. TWO YEARS LATER……LET IT GO AND LET HER FAMILY MOVE ON WITH THERE LIVES. HAVE RESPECT AND REMOVE HER PICTURES. IF YOU HAVNT LEARNED YET THEN YOUR NOT GOING TO NOT UNTIL YOU HAVE A RUN IN WITH DEATH YOUR SELF WHICH SADLY IS THE TRUTH FOR MANY STUPID PEOPLE WHO THINK IT WONT HAPPEN TO THEM….



  40. Everyone, in light of everything that has happened, it is a another constant reminder of the decisions we all make in life. We have each made our share of mistakes and they have brought on the consequences, both big and small. I know I have made my own share of them. But yet I am reminded that we all have awakened to see this beautiful day (rain or shine) with the blessing of another chance to make differences in our own lives as well as in the lives of others. I can't help but wonder that if Nikki had first had the opportunity to somehow stop briefly that morning and look into a crystal ball and behold her dark future that day, would she have thought twice about taking her dad's car. None of us will ever know, not even her grieving family. So in light of all this, let us all (both young and old) learn from this, and teach our children the importance of decision making, lest God forbid we have to learn an even bigger lesson from something much worse.

  41. Sending the photos directly to the parents is a little out of line, but I'm sorry – If you're driving a vehicle at over 100mph and you kill yourself, it's not a tragic death. It's stupidity. Think before you get behind the wheel of such a powerful car.

    I don't want to hear the "It hasn't happened to you" line either because it has. Like suicide, it's sad but it was ultimately the lack of common sense and concern for others that caused this situation.

    Sure there weren't drugs in her system, but reckless driving is just as illegal. I do believe we all have this thing called a speed limit regardless of what state you're in. I've seen less damage in wrecks that involved TWO drunk drivers. Mad driving is just as dangerous as inebriated driving.

    The only thing I really care about in this situation is what condition the person/s in the Honda were in.

  42. ppl that put up does pics make me sick the poor girl is dead let her rest in peace!!!

    is been almost 3 years and come on the family of this poor girl is so hurt cuzz of some ppl doing this to them STILL, showing this pics is not cool at all and eather funny…

    so who ever read this!!!! IF you did put up or show does pics (YOU BETTER STOP AND ERAZE THEM CUZZ IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND HAVE SOME RESPECT GROW TFKUP)

    remember “KARMA” is a B****

    and I just want to say that im very sorry that NIKKI’S family have been going tru so much!

    I hope this bad dream for THEM goes away and AT least IF THIS PPL STOP for them to just have only good memory of NIKKI 4 ever..

    and for nikki to rest in peace…

    oh! another thing i want to say cuzz i was reading 2 comments…

    first of all do you have a kids

    i bet u dont and even if you do this is not the right way

    i have 2 kids i treat my kids like a prince and princes and i give them everything i spoiled them it dont mean that they gonna do wat they want no sur! spoiled sooooooooo what! i bet u spoiled your kids 2 so shut TFKup! so for that to happen to nikki it hurts me cuzz she was a very young girl and no metter what she did! she didn’t deserve that

    but i know that this is life… things can happen and is scary

    and NO! this photo shouldn’t be shown to no kids and no young adult they know better is up 2 you parents not a fking pics or video…so come on grow up!

    like i said you aint no body to judge anybody but god!

    so have a nice day!



    • If you have children, I feel sorry for their future with you as a mother. The way you write and spell shows you are obviously uneducated and THAT should be your main concern, not telling everyone else to mind their own business and shutting the f-up. So do yourself, and them, a favor and spend more time on English and literary websites, learning the correct nuances of the language, instead of trolling on celebrity gossip pages.

  43. Let it happen to you and you will change your attitude, and your way of thinking. This situation is a horrible tragedy and yes it is her fault for making a poor decision. At the same time I am appauled at the responses of the people who obviously have no heart or hold a grudge by a passing of someone they care about. Everyone who is an adult knows that when you are young, you think you know everything there is to know in life, and as you turn into an adult you find out the hard truth. Everyone makes mistakes, and this mistake took her life. She has no chance to learn from it and never do it again. So people can we have some compassion? If not I feel sorry for you and the people that know you.

    By the way, I am a 31 yr old mother of two young daughters, and I want to say to the Catsouras family. I am truly sorry for your loss, and I pray your family finds strength in all this. I hope and pray I will not find out how you feel, with my own children. God Bless!

  44. yes. i do agree it's her fault. i am twelve years old. but i still dont thiink anyone deserves to go through that.

  45. Susan, I lost my two brothers in a car wreck caused by an out of control teen when i was 21. It is always tragic when a loved one is lost. It is even more tragic if it could have been prevented! If Nikki had seen photos on the web of another teen doing something stupid in a car and getting killed, then maybe this could have been avoided! Lastly, I think anyone who wishes death on some ones family should have a limb removed with a dull knife!!!!

  46. I am so stunned at the lack of compassion that some of you people have.I hope that all of you who made the very stupid and unsensative comments dont have children and never will because I'm here to tell you that what goes around comes around, and you better start asking for forgiveness now because someday you will face great pain and sorrow because of this kind of behavior.Remember those of you without sin cast the first stone.Please people, lets pray for her and her family instead of making mockery at someone elses expense.May God bless and console her family and may he also forgive those who know not what they do.

  47. this is the very first article that i've found where it says that there wasn't drugs in her system. i don't have children myself, and still cannot even imagine. i do think that it is completely unfair how the photos ended up on the internet, and how people could be so cruel as to try and push the photos to the family. however, i do believe that they should be on the internet, with the consent of the parents to (like many of you have said) show your children, and let it be a wake up call about what can happen. they should only be on a site who has legal copywrite and make so no one else can take them, or comment on them hurtful, rude things about nikki. she made a mistake, and this is what happened. it shouldn't have been brought to the public like it was.

  48. Oh in regards to Jimmy Moscrop's lol comment: I hope it happens to someone you care for – maybe your child. I can only hope with your attitude you never have any.

  49. Only people who have not lost a child this way can be so hardened. Yes Nikki was rebellious and did a stupid and dangerous thing. Of course we are thankful she didn't take anyone with her. But no family should have to see the accident pictures of their child like this. Of course none of the above letter writers never, ever did anything stupid in their cars. They are all law-abiding. It just goes to show that people these days are the lowest of the low when they become insensitive to this type of thing. How sad for them and society.

    Oh by the way, I lost my daughter in the same way.

  50. Granted she was driving over the speed limit and could have caused harm to others on the road. However, as I have read the Honda vehicle contained open containers of alcohol which probably means that driver was under the influence as well. Who is to say who clipped who. It is a one sided story. Regardless, whomever leaked these photos should be immediately dismissed. My heart goes out to the family who has to deal with seeing these photos on the internet. It is simply immoral.

  51. I agree with Sheila. I cannot understand why anyone feels sorry for someone who stole her stepfather’s car, drove whilst drunk and drugged, caused a collision, endangered other lives and exceeded the speed limit. As for the parents’ distress. What about the other road users, the emergency personnel who had to sort out the wreck and the poor toll booth operator? She was eighteen years old not 8 but acted like a 4-year-old in a temper tantrum. What she did that day was criminal.

  52. To the people who are defending her, you wouldn't feel the same way if, instead of killing herself, she ran into a family member of yours during her tirade and killed them instead. My family regularly drives on that very road where she was killed and it scares me to think that someone like her who has no concern for anyone else on the road will end up taking them out or someone else in the process. Yes her death was tragic but I find it hard to sympathize with someone who chose to do stupid things knowing there are consequences.

    • your a idiot it was a horrific thing and yeah she hit another person but they were fine read the true fact before you comment you f-ing idiot like i hope you have a daughter that this happens to then i bet you would change your mind you stupid idiot dont ever talk again and do the favor and go die

      • Tragic story, awful for the family but poor Nikki made her own choices and paid for them horribly. Grow up Dylan, Grow up Julie, life will hit *you* smack in the face soon enough, so until then, why would you want completely innocent (and sober) people who happened to cross Nikki's path to pick up the death-and-destruction tab for her bad decisions too? Nikiki's saving grace is that these photos may save lives in the future and If there's an afterlife that she doesn't have the senseless deaths of others (maybe even children) weighing down her own soul. God have Mercy,

  53. It is sad, but don't canonize a stupid little girl whose numerous bad choices led to her demise.

    If you listen to the also-released 911 calls, both parents acknowledge that Nikki had, in fact, been drinking alcohol. Report the news however sentimentally you like, just be sure you report the FACTS.

  54. this is for the idiot that has called her a brat! she is not a brat! people do stupid things when they are upset, atleast she wasn't actually intending on killing herself. this was just an accident, yes she shouldn't have been doing that sort of speed but she was upset so she wouldn't have been herself! people have car crashes everyday and unfortunately for nikki it ended her life. so do't slate her just think of it as a warning.

    as if you have never done anything stupid

  55. This was a very tragic death and I cant begin to understand the depth of the parents grief.That said I am from England and had never heard of Nikki, until, I read about her in a womans magazine.Her mother was telling the story and presumably getting paid as well as advertising the photos.I looked at the photos and I cried for the waste of such a young and beautiful girl.I honestly dont know if I can bring myself to show them to my own 16 year old daughter.It scares me to think something like this could happen to her.What do I do for the best?

  56. This is so horrific. I have never seen such devistation. My heart goes out to the family. I have a 16 year old daughter, who is very eager to drive and get her own vehicle. Seeing these photos may serve my daughter as a reality check about the dos and donts of driving. I understand the family's anger about their privacy being taken away. However, I agree with Nat, Nikki's death might help save the lives of others. May God's blessings and Strength be with the family and they try to look forward to the future without their beloved daughter.

  57. This is the first I hear of this.

    It's sad, but it does serve as good warning to teens that if they get themselves killed doing something this idiotic, they could very well end up being the next internet joke.

    She was such a pretty girl, it's too bad she wasn't blessed with common sense as well.

  58. Mrs. U is correct. My 13 year old grand-daughter is going to see them as well. It's tragic that this family must mourn their terrible loss forever, but Nikki's death could very well be the reason for another's life.

  59. Uh…tell me why we should be sorry for this girl?

    Her death is tragic-yes, but she is a little brat. According to the story, SHE had an argument with her father, he took her car keys away,so SHE took her dad's $150,000 Porsche, and was driving 100+ mph when SHE caused the accident.

    We should be praying and sympathizing with the Honda driver.

    Stop with the bleeding heart!! This little brat made a decision to disobey her parents, took her dad's car, drove it 100+mph, and smeared her brains/face/hair against a tollbooth (who knew a tollbooth was that sturdy).

    It was her decision, and she died because of it. Period.

    • its not the girl that people feel sorry for imagine your childs brains splatered everywhere and a million photos of it on the web that is who we should feel for her family didnt ask for this to be online at all and she was on drugs see how you are when your on drugs.

    • Uh…tell me why we should be sorry for this girl?

      Probably because she had brain cancer earlier and afterward he behavior was affected by it. But he, you're an ignorant moron who can't check the facts!

      "Stop with the bleeding heart!! This little brat made a decision to disobey her parents, took her dad’s car, drove it 100+mph, and smeared her brains/face/hair against a tollbooth (who knew a tollbooth was that sturdy)."

      I'm certain in real life your just as much of an ignorant C UNT as you are on the internet

    • Alright this is really sad to look at all this, I am a volunteer firefighter/paramedic unfortunately I have seen things like this. Yes this girl made some choices that had consequences but regardless of this fact unless all of you idiots who have no regard for a human life period HAVE NEVER DONE STUPID THINGS, NEVER SPED, NEVER DRANK AND DROVE then you have absolutely no right to judge this young lady.

      Undoubtedly she made her choices but it is still a human life and sympathize with the Honda drivers family? Maybe for dealing with the stress but remember people he walked away completely unharmed. This young lady was a young life regardless of her choices it's sad and you judgemental people need to read Matthew 7


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