Niki Ghazian (Photos) Hooks Up With Cristiano Ronaldo – Soccer Star


Niki Ghazian dishes on her recent hookup with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo seemed to waste no time after coming to the United States, hooking up with FHM model, Niki Ghazian.

Sources say Niki Ghazian and Cristiano Ronaldo met recently at a club. “They met Tuesday night at club Villa,” said the source.

“Paris Hilton was trying to talk to him, but he completely turned his back. He told Niki to take his car to the Beverly Hills Hotel and he followed separately so the paps didn’t catch them together.”

Our spy says the duo went up to his suite, where Niki was spotted leaving the next morning: “It must have been fun because they hung out again two days later.”

The Dirty Army interview Niki Ghazian and she dishes about Cristiano Ronaldo:

Nik Richie: Okay, maybe Cristiano Ronaldo ties with me for first. Give me all the Dirty details and don’t waste my time, Niki. I already know more than you think.

Niki Ghazian: Oh yeah? Then I’m sure you know it started Tuesday night where I was doing a red carpet event for Benchwarmer at Kress. After the event, I went over to Villa where my friend Sean promotes. I walked in and the first thing I saw was a table surrounded by gorgeous women. I mean he (Cristiano) doesn’t even need to hire security because at all times he is surrounded by an impermeable threshold of women. It’s impossible to get near him! Our mutual friend told me it was Cristiano Ronaldo’s table and asked me if I wanted to meet him. He led me through the hoard of girls and introduced me in front of all of them. I could feel all the girls eyes burning into my back as Cristiano asked me to sit down and started chatting with me. We hardly had time to get much of a conversation going before the other girls were trying their hardest to get me away from him. I’ve never been one to start a fight and it really wasn’t a huge deal to me so I said good-bye to him and made my way out of the crowd. I just figured i’d leave him to his slew of women that he would probably take home and have some sort of orgy. (Laughs) I walked over to the bar to join my girlfriends when Paris Hilton walked in and made a beeline for Cristiano’s table. I couldn’t believe the way he treated her! He literally turned his back on her. She looked like a moron and looked around to make sure no one saw her get dissed but everyone did! My girlfriend and I laughed a little and went back to our drinks. Then, before long, the club was nearing closing time and Cristiano got up on his crutches to come over to the bar to talk to me! The first thing I asked him was why he asked Paris to kick rocks. He explained to me that he likes curvy girls with tone and that he found Paris “gross”. We talked for a little longer and made arrangements to head elsewhere after.

Nik Richie: ThenI have you spotted waiting in the reception area of the lobby of The Beverly Hills Hotel with him arriving shortly thereafter. Did you guys leave Villa separately?

Niki Ghazian: Yes, to avoid paparazzi. There’s always a million cameras outside Villa.

Nik Richie: When you two finally got to his suite, did you immediately ravage him?

Niki Ghazian: Ravage? (Laughs) Let’s just say I wasn’t the aggressor.

Nik Richie: So it was the other way around? Was he wearing a thong?

Niki Ghazian: (Laughs)

Nik Richie: When he wasn’t looking did you steal anything? I would! It’s the Beverly Hills hotel – I’m still trying to get one of their robes!

Niki Ghazian: You’re crazy, Nik!

Nik Richie: Niki, I have to know, aside from being the best soccer player in the world, are there any other hidden talents Ronaldo has?

Niki Ghazian: Nik, he’s gifted in many departments”¦

Nik Richie: Like the Greg department?

Niki Ghazian: Omg! Did you really just ask me that?

Nik Richie: People want to know these things. I send out pictures of my Master Greg upon request all the time!

Niki Ghazian: I’m sure you Photoshop it to make it look bigger!

Nik Richie: No, I have really small hands so it makes it look huge! Are Cristiano’s hands small?

Niki Ghazian: (Laughs) NO!

Nik Richie: Was he a nice guy? A little conceited maybe?

Niki Ghazian: He’s a nice guy.He’s actually very modest and soft-spoken.

Nik Richie: I’m told that you were seen leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel in the morning wearing the same outfit that you were shot wearing the night before. Can we still call it the “Walk of Shame” when it’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s room you’re leaving?

Niki Ghazian: (Laughs) No, it definitely didn’t feel shameful.

Nik Richie: That’s when the stolen robe would have come in handy!

Niki Ghazian: True, true! (Laughs)

NikRichie: Did you guys see each other again after that night?

Niki Ghazian: Yes“¦

Nik Richie: I know you were spotted with him again on Friday. Tell me about that.

Niki Ghazian: Let’s just say I’ve had a great time. He’s a cool guy.

Images: WENN/FHM

Source: news


  1. wow, this girl has no class. pure trash. Its cool if you want to sleep with the guy. But to come out and talk about it like that? Daaaamn! Desperate is the right vote. I guess this is what some people have to resort to.


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