Newlyweds Michael Chopra & Heather Swan split up.


Michael Chopra and Heather Swann.

Michael Chopra and his newly wedded wife, Heather Swan, may be regretting the day they married. The celebrity couple married in June, on Friday, 13th June, 2008. What a date to choose!

Heather Swan has told her friends that she has split up with her husband, Michael Chopra. She told Chopra to leave their marital home that they shared with their son, who is only 5 months old.

Heather Swan and Michael Chopra married in a lavish wedding that cost $500,000. There were 200 guests and 30 of them enjoyed an overnight stay at a hotel. By breakfast, these guests witnessed the couple bickering.

Swan and Chopra did not complete their honeymoon together. Swan was alone during the last leg of their honeymoon in Italy. A friend revealed that Michael hoped for reconciliation for the sake of their young son.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN


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