Natasha Shneider Dies of Cancer: Musician of Queens of the Stoneage and Eleven


Natasha Shneider dies of cancer, musician with Eleven and QOTSA

Singer/songwriter Natasha Shneider, who collaborated with former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and rock band Queens of the Stone Age, died Tuesday of cancer.

Natasha Shneider, her husband Alain Johannes and Jack Irons had the rock band Eleven in the nineties, following Jack Irons departure from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Eleven” released five albums in their career.

Eleven’s song, “Reach Out,” became Eleven’s only track to dent the Billboard charts, reaching No. 40 on the airplay-based music tally.

The band’s recordings became more few and far between, and Shneider and Johannes began lending their talents to songwriting and production. They collaborated with Chris Cornell’s 1999 solo debut “Euphoria Morning.” More recently the pair toured with Queens Of The Stone Age.

A PayPal fund ( has been set up to defray costs associated with Shneider’s medical care.

You can view Shneider performing with Queens of the Stone Age here.

Natasha Shneider and husband Alain Johannes of band Eleven Natasha Shneider collaborated with Chris Cornell Natasha Shneider with band Eleven, dies of cancer

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