Madonna’s & Guy Ritchie’s secrets are out.


Madonna’s and Guy Ritchie’s staff was rumored to have planned for their divorce gossip to leak out. They were trying to work the gossip and rumors to their advantage.

Presently, the Ritchies show a united front because Madonna has an upcoming world tour called “Sticky and Sweet.” The performances are expected to bring in around $300 million. The celebrity couple has planned to set aside that money for their 3 children’s futures.

Madonna will be in the spotlight before the tour to generate publicity. Then, some prepared news about their marriage would be leaked to hype up the gossip. It was hoped and anticipated that Madonna would make front page news. People would buy her concert tickets and Madonna would make that $300 million.

Sources in the know said that Madonna will play the media and public to achieve the sales target.

Source: tmz.



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