Madonna tried to convert Christopher Ciccone to Kabbalah faith.


Christopher Ciccone revealed in his book, “Life With My Sister Madonna”, that Madonna was late in making the final payment for his work on her Roxbury house. The amount was only for about $10,000, a paltry sum for Madonna.

Madonna’s assistant at that time in 2001 was Caresse. Caresse contacted Ciccone and told him that Madonna would make the last payment if he agreed to attend a Kabbalah meeting. Caresse then sent over a copy of the official publication of the Kabbalah Center International. The book was “The Power Of Kabbalah ““ Technology For The Soul”, by Yehuda Berg.

When Ciccone attended the Kabbalah meeting, he saw that many people who were involved in Madonna’s work and social circle were present in the meeting. Madonna’s real estate broker, masseuse, costume designer, choreographer, assistant, acupuncturist, and two dancers were among those at the Kabbalah meeting.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN, DM



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